Dell Bundles Xbox 360 Elite Console with $3,000 XPS Laptop and $2,000 XPS 630 Desktop


Never mind choosing between a PC or a console, Dell says why not get both? And to show you its okay to treat yourself to a gaming extravaganza, Dell is tossing in a Xbox 360 Elite console with both its $3,000 XPS M1730 laptop and $2,000 XPS 630 desktop.

Exactly what prompted the as-yet unannounced promotion remains a mystery, and after initial reports indicated the bundle only applied to the M1730 notebook, John Blain, gaming liasion for Dell, clarified in a blog that the company is also running the same deal with its 630 desktop. "As one commenter to this article mentioned (Brian), you can never have enough Xbox 360s. I would wholeheartedly agree," wrote Blain.

This isn't the first bit of news involving Microsoft's gaming console, and the company just last week announced a partnership with Netflix that would bring the online video rental's streaming service to Xbox 360 consoles this fall. In addition, Microsoft was busy showing off a redesigned 3D Dashboard at this year's E3, also slated for a fall release.

Dell too has been busy shaking things up with its recently introduced Studio notebook line, and the company will pilot a PC repair program in select Wal-Mart stores in the Dallas area.

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