Dell Attacks HP's Commitment To The PC Market

Maximum PC Staff

HP’s decision to scrap the first, and perhaps only product resulting from its $1.2 billion acquisition of Palm was by far one of the most unexpected news stories we’ve seen in years. But just when we thought things couldn’t get any stranger, HP announced it was shopping for a buyer for their PC division as well, a move that would take the company in a radically different direction going forward. As the number one OEM PC manufacturer in the world this came as a bit of a shock to everyone, that is unless your number two. For Michael Dell the HP announcement represents a huge opportunity to grab market share, and the charismatic CEO wasted little time going after HP over twitter.

Michael Dell goes on the attack:

HP Responds:

Dell Counterattacks:

If HP lets the issue stand here it looks like Michael Dell will win this battle, but will they win the war?

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