Dell Apologizes for Online Pricing Mix Up

Paul Lilly

An online pricing mix up in Taiwan last week had Dell selling selling 19-inch LCD monitors for as little as $15, as well as the company's Latitude E4300 laptops for roughly $560, more than a grand below what they normally sell for. But rather than cash in on some smoking deals, Taiwan shoppers instead get an apology, refund, and a coupon for their trouble.

"It is Dell's hope that the courtesy coupons demonstrate Dell's respect for its customers and to apologize for any inconvenience caused," the company said in a statement .

Those who tried to purchase a laptop will receive a coupon worth NT$20,000, or about $600 USD, while those who placed orders for the mispriced LCDs will get a $NT1,000 coupon worth about $30 USD.

While the coupons and an apology may be enough to placate affected customers, there's still the issue of whether or not Dell was in violation of fair trade laws in Taiwan.

"To avoid any further confusion to our customers and to facilitate further investigation Dell has made the difficult decision to close our Taiwan online store," Dell said in a statement.


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