Dell Adds Ultra Wide Monitor to Refreshed UltraSharp Line

Paul Lilly

Dell says it's new UltraSharp monitors offer true-to-life color without the need for extensive calibration.

While Michael Dell and his investment partners try to complete a $24.4 billion takeover bid for the company he created, it's business as usual for Dell , which today announced the availability of three refreshed UltraSharp monitors. The new 30-inch U3014, 27-inch U2713H, and 24-inch U2413 all feature 12-bit panels and PremierColor technology, which is supposed to offer color accuracy, precision, and performance straight out of the box.

We were really impressed with Dell's 30-inch U3011, a Maximum PC " Best of the Best " pick, and the new U3014 is supposedly even better. Unfortunately, Dell didn't go into detail about specific differences between the two, saying only that the new model is suitable for the fine level of detail required for color critical work such as CAD/CAM, graphic design, desktop publishing, gaming, or media creation. Like the U3011, the new model sports a 2560x1600 (16:10) resolution.

New to the UltraSharp series is the U2913WM, a 29-inch ultra-wide monitor with a unique 21:9 aspect ratio. This is intended for multi-taskers and provides the same benefits as a dual-monitor setup, but without the annoying bezel running down the middle.

The Dell UltraSharp U2713H and U2413 are available now starting at $999 and $599, respectively, while the U3014 is "coming soon" and will run $1,499. No word on how much the U2913WM will cost or when it's coming out.

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