Delkin Snatches SDHC Performance Crown

Paul Lilly

Have a fist full of Benjamins to spend on speedy storage for your digital SLR camera or 3D-enabled camcorder? If so, Delkin claims its new 32GB "Delkin Elite 633 SDHC UHS-I" is the fastest SDHC card money can buy. This thing touts 80MB/s write and 95MB/s read speeds courtesy of the new UHS (Ultra High Speed) bus interface, which is fully compatible with SDHC and SDXC host devices.

"The UHS-1 spec is characterized by a significant performance boost defined by the SD Association as possessing 'bus-interface speeds up to 312 Megabytes per second for greater device performance in SDXC and SDHC host products.' So far, the new interface has proven to have a substantial impact in applications where streaming full HD & 3D video and rapid fire JPEG & RAW still photography is imperative," Delkin says. "This means it is quickly being adopted by burst mode nature, wedding, and even portrait shooters concerned with never missing a shot."

In addition to raw speed, the Elite 633 comes armed with advanced Error Correction Code (ECC), Wear Leveling technology, and storage integrity in harsh environments, including static, vibration, shock, and UV light exposure, Delkin says.

Ready for the rub? Having the fastest SDHC storage on the block will set you back $440 for 32GB, which breaks down to $13.75 per gigabyte. If you have the scratch, Delkin is accepting pre-orders now and will begin shipping on April 13, 2011.

Image Credit: Delkin

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