Decoding Creative's Drivers

Nathan Edwards

I used to be able to connect my Xbox 360 to my Audigy Platinum and have it decode the 5.1 signal. However, in my new X-Fi Platinum Fatal1ty Champion soundcard, it looks like Creative disabled this feature in the drivers. Is there any way around this to get my computer to decode 5.1? This feature was supposed to be one of the card’s selling points.
—Curtis Leong

Creative Labs said the loss of the feature was not intentional at all. A spokesperson explained, “It has come to our attention that, in the process of upgrading from Windows XP to Vista and installing driver updates for certain Creative soundcards, Dolby Digital and DTS decoding functionality may have been impacted for some customers. Creative has now created separate drivers that are specifically designed to re-establish these functionalities.

There are two revised versions of the drivers, one for Audigy and one for X-Fi products. For Audigy products, the new driver addresses DVD audio functionality for products in which it existed before the Windows Vista upgrade (on Vista 32-bit versions only). The new Audigy driver also addresses compatibility issues for 64-bit systems that have 4GB or greater amounts of memory. Both new drivers require Windows Vista SP1. The beta version of these drivers was made available during the week of May 12. The final release version of these drivers will be made available in late July or early August.”

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