Debt Collector Allegedly Harrassed Woman on Facebook

Paul Lilly

Debt collectors go to great lengths pursuing unpaid balances, but they also have to follow a set of rules. A Florida woman is accusing Mark One LLC of breaking those rules by allegedly harassing her through Facebook for a $362 unpaid car loan she still owes, according to an AP report .

According to Melanie Beacham, the Florida woman in question, representatives from Mark One LLC sent her messages on Facebook and also told family members on the social networking site to have Beacham return their calls.

"I was shocked when I found out these collectors used Facebook to contact my family because they knew exactly where I was was," Beacham said. "I'm angry they caused me so much embarrassment with my family."

Beacham's lawyers had some strong words for Mark One LLC's alleged tactics, calling the ordeal "an invasion of privacy on steroids. Normally, it takes a while for collection agencies to contact family members or friends, or co-workers, but on Facebook you have a very powerful harassment tool at your fingertips."

In addition, Beachman claims the collection agency routinely called her 6-10 times per day by phone.

If the allegations are true, did Mark One LLC go too far, or is Facebook fair game for debt collection attempts?

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