DDR3 Makers Close Out Year with a Whimper

Paul Lilly

Egads. Zoinks. Aw shucks. These are all expressions you're likely to hear emanating from DDR3 factories in Taiwan, because all the more colorful ones have already been used ad nauseum. Things aren't getting any better, either.

Contract prices for 1Gb (gigabit) DDR3 chips averaged just $1.09 for the first half of December, the lowest they've been in all of 2010, DigiTimes reports . That's down 10.66 percent so far for the month, after having already tumbled 13.35 percent in the second half of November.

In terms of actual memory modules, 2GB DDR3 sticks slipped to $20 for the first half of December, a 9 percent drop sequentially, according to data by DRAMeXchange. Looking ahead, DRAMeXchange predicts more of the same (falling prices) through at least the first half of 2011.

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