DDoS Attack Hits Wordpress Hard

Ryan Whitwam

Blog host Wordpress.com is one of the world's leading content platforms, but it has been hammered today by a gigantic distributed denial of service attack (DDoS). Wordpress has described the assault as the largest they have ever endured. Unsurprisingly, many sites have been having serious stability issues as a result.

According to Wordpress itself, the DDoS amounted to multiple Gigabits and tens of millions of packets per second bombarding their servers. As for the culprits? No one is sure yet, but the highly coordinated effort indicates political motivation. WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg has said the attack may be targeting one of the platform's non-English blogs.

Wordpress managed to stop the attacks several hours ago and is currently recovering. Now begins the search for answers. Surely they cannot afford another downtime like this. Presumably they'll be checking to make sure no one sent a threatening letter to Anonymous.

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