DC Universe Online Introducing Free-To-Play November 1st

Brad Chacos

If none of the titles we mentioned in our free to play game roundup tickles your fancy, you’re clearly a picky gamer – there’s 25 totally free titles to choose from, after all. But let’s say that you’re less of a freeloading Team Fortress 2 kinda gamer and more of, say, a freeloading DC Universe Online kinda gamer. You’re out of luck right now, because DC Universe Online is only available to paying customers. That’s changing soon, though – Sony’s introducing a free, if somewhat hobbled, subscription option on November 1st.

For the low, low price of $0, you’ll be able to play the base game to your heart’s content. You’ll be hamstringed compared to other players, though; the free version is limited to 2 character slots, 28 inventory slots, 0 auction slots, 1500 max currency and 6 text chat messages every thirty seconds – no voice chat allowed. Oh yeah, you can’t trade with other players, either. If you buy $5 worth of in-game purchases, you’ll be tossed into the “Premium” tier, which raises a lot of those caps to, well, even higher caps. Or, you can spend $15 a month on a “Legendary” subscription that opens up tons of various slots and abilities as well as free access to DLC content.

Even though the freebie limitations are kind of harsh, you can't beat the price. Not sure which tier is right for you? Check out the tier-by-tier breakdown over at the DC Universe Online website .

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