Day 74: Droid Outsells iPhone and Google Nexus One

Maximum PC Staff

Flurry Analytics offers real time data to developers about how consumers use their mobile applications. Any application that uses Flurry Analytics rats out its user to an app developer, and at the same time provide some data about the smartphone community. Working their magic on the data they’ve received, Flurry says the Motorola Droid is one very popular phone .

Flurry says that 80 percent of all iPhone OS and Android devices use these reporting analytics. From this Flurry is able to make some educated guesses about the nature of the smartphone marketplace. And in that marketplace Flurry says Motorola’s Droid’s first 74 days moved more units than Apple’s iPhone did during that same period of time 1.05 million to 1.0 million. Flurry uses 74 days because that’s when Apple reported the iPhone’s reaching the 1 million units sold mark. While better after 74 days, the Droid has a ways to go to catch up to the 42.5 million iPhones sold .

Bad news here, though, is that not all Android phones are being as well received. During its first 74 days (actually 70 plus some extrapolation), Google’s Nexus One has move only 0.135 million units. Flurry ascribes the poor showing of the Nexus One to “unconventional choices in marketing, pricing and distribution.”

There’s a lot of other issues involved here, which make a precise comparison difficult. Flurry readily acknowledges such issues. However, what does seem apparent is Nexus One, despite the hype and anticipation, isn’t catching on--at least not just yet.

Image Credit: Flurry

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