Data Breach Hits Honda Head On

Paul Lilly

Honda and its customers are the latest victims of a data breach tied to email marketing firm Silverpop Systems, reports .

Silverpop Systems is the same company that failed to protect McDonald's customer data when a group of hackers recently infiltrated the firm's database and made off with personal information from an undetermined number of customers. Now Honda -- also a Silverpop Systems client -- is warning over two million of its customers that cybercrooks managed to snake their way into an email database containing their personal information as well.

Some of the information in the database included names, login names, email addresses, and even vehicle identification numbers (VINs), with that last bit a particularly disturbing development. With VINs in hand, hackers would have a far easier time phishing for things like credit card numbers and bank info under the guise of special offers for recent Honda owners.

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