Darkspore Goes Dark for Nine Days (And Counting) Thanks to DRM Issue [Updated]

Maximum PC Staff

Update: EA has now released a patch that corrects the issue. The general consensus on the forums appears to be "Finally! It works!" So then, better late than never.

Original: Remember when PC gamers were all like “Always online DRM is the worst idea! Think of all the things that could go wrong,” and publishers were like “Oh gamers, you so crazy”? We would hope so, considering the last time it happened was all the time . And now, here we are, watching new Darkspore players bang furiously on the door while no one lets them in. What's that? Were gamers right all along? How unexpected. This victory, however, rings hollow. Sure, it's tangible, 14-armed evidence that always-on is a scourge, but if the situation's not improving, then what's the point?

The issue – which prevents new Darkspore players from accessing the game at all – was first reported on October 18 ( via RPS ). This is PC gaming, though. If a bug pops up, we patch it into a cold mess of still-quivering limbs, right? Apparently not. As of October 25, here's where EA's at:

“After conversing with the devs, they state that they can't yet guarantee an ETA & while they are hopeful, there are no intended announcements of any kind yet planned,” reads a forum post from a moderator. “We know that the problem is affecting people & their experiences are lacking due to it but they are working as hard as they can. We've said it before but please, be patient.”

For reference, Diablo III's employing similar DRM – mostly to keep cheaters at bay, claims Blizzard. And we suppose that makes sense on some level. If nobody can play a game, it's pretty hard to cheat at it. Fingers crossed that the rest of the industry learns from EA's example. And then does the opposite.

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