Dark Souls 2 Bursts Onto PC With Brand New Trailer

Brittany Vincent

Hell looks a whole lot prettier this time around

Dark Souls is universally known as one of the most frustrating PC games out there, with grueling dungeons, frustrating enemies, and plenty of gory encounters. For that, it's loved by a hefty slice of the gaming community, especially PC players.

The PC port of Dark Souls was a bit messy, but developers are doing their best to avoid a similar situation for its sequel, Dark Souls II, noting that the successor to Capcom's original game was "developed for PC from the beginning."

Finally, there's a trailer to accompany these claims, spotlighting some of the baddies, environments, and fearsome setpieces you'll be seeing when Dark Souls II finally creeps onto your gaming PC some time after its official console release on March 14th. There's not too much to savor in the trailer, but it's definitely enough to whet your whistle if you enjoyed the first game.

Check out the trailer and let us know what you think!

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