Danish Retailer Tips Holiday Release for Grand Theft Auto V on PC

Paul Lilly

Psst, Rockstar Games -- release GTA V to PC already!

Hype was high leading up to the launch of Grand Theft Auto V, and just like with previous releases in the series, it launched to console first with nary a word from the developer when it would land on PC. Heck, we still don't know when GTA V will finally be ported over to Windows, though some hints have emerged. A Danish retailer recently listed GTA V shipping to PC on November 14, 2014 , though now it says something different.

We caught wind of the potential November release through our sister site, PC Gamer , which took a screenshot of the initial listing. It was surmised that it could simply be a place holder, though maybe not since games typically release on Fridays in Europe, and November 14 falls on a Friday this year.

We headed over to the online shop (called Cool Shop ) to see for ourselves, but it's not listing GTA V as having an "expected release" on December 31, 2014. That makes us less confident that the shop knows what it's talking about, but hey, at least it seems the game is close to launching.

Rockstar Games previously confirmed GTA V would eventually to ship to PC and next-generation console, it just didn't say when. When it does, it will have an enhanced video editor and a number of visual quality enhancements.

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