Daniel Klus' Jan Henryk Dabrowski's Castle

Nathan Edwards

A huge fan of the Total War series, 17-year-old Daniel Klus decided to channel his passion for all things medieval by designing a castle case. But his year-long project doesn’t reflect his love for any ol’ generic castle. He based his case on an actual Polish castle design as a tribute to his heritage, his culture, and 18th-century Polish general Jan Henryk Dabrowski.

Klus constructed the sides of the castle out of Spanish cedar; after joining them together, he installed a stained glass window on each side: The left side of the case features Dabrowski’s coat of arms; on the right is the Polish coat of arms.

Klus cut the stones for the castle with a hand router and used a jigsaw to carve out the openings for the door and windows. It’s not quite how they did it back in ye olden days, but it’s certainly more efficient!

There’s no drawbridge on this guy, but the front door actually works! Peeking past the laser-cut ironwork on the front reveals a storage area for games, movies, and other media.

The ancient exterior belies the rig’s modern accoutrements: This castle sports a Core 2 Duo E6850 processor, two SLI Evga 8800 GTX graphics cards, 2GB of memory, and a kilowatt power supply. \

For his winning entry, Daniel wins a $500 gift certificate to fund his modding madness!

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