Danger Den Announces Flagship DD-M6 CPU Block

Paul Lilly

Live fast and play hard. That's the sort of motto you'll find exemplified in old school water cooling circles, the ones where wielding a pre-built kit or self-contained liquid cooler might earn you a wedgie. There's a certain satisfaction that comes from building your own water cooling setup, just as there is with building your own PC, and it's a market still being served by folks like Danger Den, which just announced the release of its highest performing CPU waterblock to date, the DD-M6 CPU Block.

"Danger Den released a CPU block that we are proud of. Improved performance, built like a tank, and almost 100 percent produced in the US. The Top Plate, Mid Plate, Hold Down Plate, Hold Down parts are all machined in our facility or within 50 miles of Danger Den," said Jeremy Burnett , Danger Den’s President. "The hold down package has been significantly improved for the LGA 2011 socket and previous socket versions. It looks great and makes the mounting process simple for the consumer."

The DD-M6 CPU Block replaces the MC-TDX, a long running favorite that now takes a backseat to a newer, better performing, and more reliable model, according to Danger Den. It also sports a new and improved mounting system.

Pricing starts at $75 for the non-plated brass version and $80 for the nickel-plated model. Both will be available for LGA2011 sockets beginning January 2, 2012, with AMD versions to follow in two weeks.

Image Credit: Danger Den

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