Dance Video Proves Microsoft Stores Officially Uncool

Maximum PC Staff

It’s sort of hard to classify this one. Gizmodo has linked to a video of staffers at the Microsoft Store in Mission Viejo, California, dancing. Not just one or two, and not just a shuffle step or two, but a full-blown, choreographed (?) routine involving all the staffers--and while the store is open for business.

What’s most surprising about this? That staffers would put up with it? (Pay must be good.) That techno-geeks can dance? (If Texans can line dance, geeks can too.) Or that customers didn’t leave en masse from the spontaneous St. Vitus outbreak

Commenters on the video were less than kind. “Reason number 6751 why I avoid Microsoft products like the plague,” writes cance440. JohnMunsch notes: “If Joe’s Crab Shack ran your local Microsoft franchise.” SunsetChaser sums it up: “O good grief, Does everything microsoft do have to be so cringeworthy.”

Whatever the case, it doesn’t seem a particularly good in-store marketing strategy. Customers seem a bit confused by it. It is a distraction to serious shoppers. And business comes to a standstill during the 4-plus minute routine.

Let’s hope this is one of Microsoft’s ‘working out the bugs’ moment.

Image Credit: bkslavin/YouTube

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