Daily News Brief: Your Wii-mote Wants You to Read This!


Nintendo Gives Away Free Jackets

Not the kind you wear on those brisk fall afternoons, but the durable silicone variety to keep your Wii remote (and HDTV) safe from damage in case you accidentally hurl the controller across the room. Nintendo has begun taking orders today for anyone wanting the protective gear, and will start shipping them out free of charge on October 15 . If you have trouble placing an order online (we did), you can call Nintendo's consumer service department at 866-431-8367, or drop then an email .

Nokia Shells out $8.1 Billion

Nokia's $25,000 cell phone must be selling like hot cakes, but the high priced phone seems like small potatos in the wake of today's $8.1 billion buy-out announcement . That's the tidy sum Nokia will fork over for Novteq Corp., the U.S. navigation software maker. The acquisition follows a flurry of purchases made by Nokia, who recently announced they were snagging the mobile advertising company Enpocket , and digital media distributor Loudeye Corp. last year.

Letterman/Hilton Clash Ignites on YouTube

Don't fight it; today's pop culture is defined by the next YouTube sensation, and the latest video clip to garner millions of views features a duel between David Letterman and Paris Hilton . The nearly 9 minute clip starts off amiable, but took a torn for the worse when Letterman asked about her jail time. At one point, Paris pleads to change the subject to her cloths line and perfume. Apparently someone forgot to tell Paris what kind of talk show this was. Enjoy the clip !

Video Virus?

Now that you've clicked, cached, and viewed the YouTube video, let's talk a moment about viruses embedded into video players. Don't worry, we didn't link to any infected code, and you haven't been geek- Punk'd , but some security analysts are cautioning that hackers could start turning to videos as a method of viral distribution. Security experts have already begun discussing counter-measures at this year's summit held by the Georgia Tech Information Security Center.

Better than Mouse Gestures!

What could be better than Mouse Gestures ? How about hand gestures! It won't be available as a Firefox extension, but it could be coming to a laptop near you. In a joint effort between Toshiba, IBM, and Sony, the SpursEngine processor was born, which allows users to issue DVD commands with hand movements . It can pick up hand motions from up to 10 feet away, and was demonstrated today on Toshiba's Qosmio laptops. No word yet on when (or even if ) Toshiba will get the technology to market.

OLED Television

While the tech world continues to wait for the oft delayed $1,500 Optimus Maximus OLED keyboard, Sony today introduced the world's first OLED television . Available in Japan starting December 1st, the 11 inch XEL-1 sports a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, consumes 45W, and accordng to Sony, boasts a response time up to 1,000 faster than LCD monitors. Early adopters an expect to pay roughly $1,744, slightly above what the Optimus Maximus costs.

It's Not News

But anybody that remembers Sierra's The Incredible Machine will get a kick out of this clip .

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