Daily News Brief: Would You Give Google Your DNA?


Google gDNA?

Google's infatuation with DNA - which started when the company invested $4.4+ million into genetic screening company 23andMe - continues with a second DNA screening startup, Navigenics . For $2,500, Navigenics promises secure delivery of your genetic test results to your PC with your genetic likelihood for 18 medical conditions. Both Navigenics and Google were unwilling to disclose the search giant's size of investment, but a Google spokesman did say " We are interested in supporting companies and making investments in companies that [bolster] our mission statement, which is organizing the world's information and making it universally accessible and useful. "

Intel Slashes Chip Prices, Releases New Processors

Intel this week cut prices on select Core 2 processors, and we're not talking dime store discounts either. Intel slashed the Core 2 Quad Q6700 in half from $530 to $266, and ditto for the Xeon X3230. Several other processors received similar treatment , while four new chips make their debut: Celeron E1400 (2GHz, $53), Celeron 570 (2.66GHz, $134), Core 2 Duo E8300 (2.83GHz, 6MB L2 cache, $163), and Core 2 Duo E7200 (2.53GHz, 3MB cache, $133).

High Tech Hitman for Hire

In what could be described as a Craigslist crime of passion, Anne Marie Linscott of Michigan now faces a lengthy jail sentence after allegedly advertising online for a hitman to kill her lover's wife. Linscott pleaded guilty to three federal charges, including intent to commit murder, each one carrying a 10 year sentence. According to court documents, Linscott provided two the respondents via email the victim's name, age, and employment address, and offered to pay $5,000 to " eradicate " him. More on this bizarre story here .

No-Cost, No-Porn Wireless

Rep. Anna G. Eshoo is trying to push forth the Wireless Internet Nationwide for Families Act . The Act would instruct the FCC to auction off the 2155-2175MHz band of spectrum, which would then be used to create a nationwide wireless internet service at no cost and devoid of any pornographic content. Eshoo hopes the new proposal would ultimately lead to consumers having a viable third alternative to cable and DSL. More here .

Molecular Machine Contracts STD

And apparently that's a good thing. Specifically, scientists hope to use gonorrhea bacteria in nanotech devices. As the strongest organism known to man, gonorrhea can pull 100,000 times its body weight. So many bad jokes, so little space - moving on...

GTA IV Ads Pulled From Buses

A rash of recent shooting incidents prompted Chicago's local Fox News affiliate to question why GTA IV ads have begun popping up on CTA buses and in train stations. Caving in to the pressure, CTA president Ron Huberman promised to remove the ads of the violent videogame, though no ads contained violent content. This marks the second time in recent years that GTA ads have stirred controversy among Illinois' mass-transit vehicles.

Super Mario Movie

Underappreciated masterpiece? You be the judge...

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