Daily News Brief: Win a Date with a Nerd!


Will Teach Tech for Dates

In what's perhaps the greatest idea ever, Washington State University plans to hold a ' nerd auction ' in an attempt to recruit more women. The computer gurus will be auctioned off to sorority girls, who will then give the geek a makeover. In exchange, the high bidder can have her computer fixed, receive help with homework, or go out on a date if she finds herself mesmerized by the linguistics of Linux. But don't fret if you're not a Washington State University sorority girl; you can still win a dream date with Maximum PC's David Murphy .

Microsoft to Replace Scratched Halo 3 Discs

After months and months of waiting, Halo 3 made its record-breaking debut, but the wait might not be over for some gamers . Reports hit the web that the packaging used for the $70 special limited-edition is scratching discs. In response to the complaints, Microsoft has set up a replacement program online and will send out the Halo 3 game disc and Essentials disc for no charge. The replacement program runs through February 1, 2008

Security Hole in AIM

Core Security Technologies discovered a security hole in AOL's instant messaging program that could potentially allow a hacker to take control of the user's system. After being notified of the flaw, AOL took steps to correct the issue and considers the matter resolved. Ivan Arce, chief technology officer for Core Security doesn't agree, stating the solution is temporary at best, and that hackers are able to get around the blockade. Affected clients include AIM 6.1, and the new beta 6.2. Our solution? Give Trillian , Pidgin (formerly GAIM) , or Meebo a whirl.

Blu-ray Recorder to Hit One Terabyte

The high definition format war rages on, and Sharp gears up to whip out a BFG (Big *&#% Gun) in Blu-ray's favor. How big? One thousand gigabytes! The new Blu-ray recorder will be able to record 127 hours of high-def content, and will first appear in Japan on December 1st for $2,615. Sharp plans to offer eight more Blu-ray recorder models in attempt to render VCRs and standard DVD players obsolete. But it won't be as easy knocking HD-DVD out of contention, who can also boast a 1 terabyte recorder, courtesy of Toshiba.

Stock Plummets following Vonage Verdict

Today a jury found Vonage guilty of willfully infringing upon six of Sprint-Nextel's VoIP patents, awarding Sprint $69.5 million, or roughly 5 percent of Vonage's revenue during the infringement. Worse yet, the judge can opt to triple the monetary damages since the infringement was deemed intentional. Vonage shares plummeted by 33 percent following news of the verdict. Vonage will attempt to overturn the ruling, and meanwhile must gear up to present their appeal in a $58 million lawsuit they previously lost to Verizon .

Slimmed PSP Sells Big

Looking to compete with Nintendo's DS Lite, Sony unveiled a new Playstation Portable in Japan to a great reception. The updated PSP, which is both slimmer than the original model, saw 250,000 sales in just four days , nearly matching sales of the original from July and August. The new PSP sells for 19,800 yen (roughly $170 USD), 5 percent less than the original. The DS Lite goes for 16,800 yen (around $145 USD).

Adopt a Dog Website Gets Personal

And blunt. A new website wants you to adopt a dog , and they hope to convince you by showing how much time a homeless canine has before being put down. DogsinDanger.com keeps a memorial with names, photos, and dates that euthanizing took place. Alex Aliksanyan of The Buddy Fund, the group responsible for the site, warns this isn't a family friendly site, saying " It's not a happy site with puppies running around[...]We're saying these pets are going to die. Look at their faces. "

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