Daily News Brief: Verizon to Acquire Alltel


Verizon Buys Alltel, Leads Cellular Market

Verizon will surpass AT&T as the nation's largest cellular telephone operator once a $28.1 billion buyout of Alltel becomes finalized. Under terms of the deal, which the companies hope to complete by the end of the year, Verizon will acquire the equity of Alltel for $5.9 billion, assume $22.2 billion in debt, and gain its 13 million subscriber-base.

Intel Slapped with $25 Million Fine

The Korea Fair Trade Commission said it will order Intel to pay $25.4 million for allegedly violating fair trade rules . According to the KFTC, Intel provided rebates to Samsung and other South Korean makers in exchange for not using AMD processors. A spokesman for Intel denies the allegations, saying " We don't use rebates in an anticompetitive fashion ."

Intel, AMD Fight Delayed

On a related note, the trial date for AMD's federal antitrust lawsuit against Intel has been pushed back until 2010 . The decision was made to allow both sides more time to conduct interviews and take depositions from potential witnesses. This marks the second major delay in the ongoing trial since AMD filed the lawsuit back in 2005.

Comcast Eyes 100Mbps by 2010

Just when you thought your significant other was getting difficult to understand, it turns out Comcast is also good at sending mixed messages. On one hand, the cable company has begun testing a managed bandwidth approach to its internet service in select markets, while at the same time claiming it will deploy a technology capable of delivering 100 megabits of data (or more) per second in 20 percent of its markets by 2008. Such high bandwidth would open the door to streaming high- definition movies, but doesn't seem to gel with metered usage.

More Duke Nukem Forever News

Jace Hall, founder of HDFILMS Inc., managed to score an exclusive video interview with George Broussard and Scott Miller of 3D Realms. The duo talk about the much anticipated and long overdue Duke Nukem Forever, and answer " What the (BEEP) is taking so long? ". Not only does Hall get to see portions DNF in action, but he gets to play part of it on camera. Take your sneak peek here (skip to the 2:30 mark).

Geek Pr0n

We find ourselves strangely aroused whenever we catch a glimpse of next gen hardware, and even more so when the parts are undressed. For anyone else with this same geek fetish, Bit-Tech offers a few scintillating shots of AMD's upcoming RV770 GPU on a stripped apart HD 4870 videocard. Click here for the peep show.

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