Daily News Brief: US Army to Adopt Robobugs


Insect Spies

British defense giant BAE Systems has just signed a £19 million (roughtly $37 million USD) contract to develop robotic bugs for the US Army. The robobug arsenal will consist of tiny electronic spiders, insects, and snakes that could act as eyes and ears for soldiers on the battlefield, scurrying into potential danger areas and relaying images back to troops safely out of harm's way. Read more here .

Yahoo CEO: We're Still Available

Microsoft officially pulled both its buyout offer and threat of a hostile takeover from the table, but Yahoo's CEO Jerry Yang wants to make it clear that he would be open to another bid , even from MS. Of course, price becomes a sticking point, and $33 per share isn't going to cut it, despite having its stock drop 15 percent yesterday. Yang previously sought $37 per share, but didn't say what he would now consider a fair offer.

Grand Theft Auto Publisher Feels Robbed

Feeling the heat from local media coverage, CTA president Ron Huberman promised last month to remove Grand Theft Auto IV ads from busses and train stations, but doing so has put the Chicago Transit Authority in hot water again. While Chicago's local Fox News affiliate was pleased as punch with Huberman's decision, Take-Two Interactive wasn't as giddy and has sued the tranist authority in Manhattan federal court. Take-Two accused the authority (and its sales agent) of violating a $300,000 ad campaign agreement, and seeks monetary damages of at least that amount, and wants the ads reinstated.

Singing the Blu-ray Blues

HD-DVD no longer presents any kind of threat to the Blu-ray camp, but stagnant sales have the winning format bellowing the Blu-ray blues. Sales of Blu-ray players fell 40 percent between January and February, and only picked up 2 percent since winning the format war. Worse yet, ABI Research reports the high-definition DVD market will not " kick into gear " for 12 to 18 months. In short, Blu-ray may have won the war, but the battle for consumers wages on. Hint for Sony and company: Introduce price cuts...

PC Makers Pounce on AMD's Puma

Things are looking promising for AMD's Puma platform , and according to John Taylor of AMD's Graphics division, upwards of 100 notebooks are being designed with Puma chipsets. But is it enough to take on Intel's Centrino platform? On paper Puma looks impressive, offering " hybrid graphics " technology dubbed PowerXPress, which promises both long battery life for day-to-day computing and full-powered GPU performance for gaming. AMD also said it's on track for a 2009 release of its Fusion processor consisting of a CPU and GPU on the same silicon die.

NVIDIA Game Browser

Just as the title suggests, NVIDIA's Game Browser lets you browse PC games by genre, rating, price range, and availability. Give it a test ride here .

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