Daily News Brief: Unbrick Your Hacked iPhone!


Unbrick Your iPhone

Apple warned that hacked iPhones would be rendered permanently inoperable after a firmware update, and quickly found themselves the target of a class action lawsuit after holding good on their perilous promise. But for those not wanting to participate in the suit and simply want their iPhone functional again, iPhoneSIMFree comes to the rescue , but at a price. They've released software to unbrick iPhones unlocked with anySim or iUnlock, if you're willing to pay $100 to register the IMEI, a necessary step in the process.

EA Buys BioWare and Pandemic Studios

We've seen a lot companies go on spending sprees lately, and EA joins the fray with an $860 million acquistion . In return for their near billion dollar investment, EA will absorb BioWare from Neverwinter Nights fame, and Pandemic Studios, creators of Destroy All Humans . The deal, which is expected to close in January 2008, will make EA a viable player in the RPG and action gaming categories.

Smokers Cell their Habit

Turns out cell phones and the 'Net are good for more than hailing hanky-panky , they can also be used to help smokers kick the habit . No, your iPhone won't bamboozle your bladder by emitting an electric shock whenever you light up, but you could get a message reminding you of your desire to quit. Sites like QuitNet.com and FixNixer.com will send text messages when you need them most, and family members can jump on board and send encouragement too. Of course, there's always the fictitious Quitters Inc. method, as found in Stephen King's Cat's Eye ...

Hillary Clinton Jumps the Broadband-wagon

As political posturing heats up in time for the 2008 Presidential election, Hillary Clinton hopes to attract the geek vote and tech oriented businesses by calling for a national broadband internet system and permanent research tax credits. In what she would call Connect America , Hillary's envisioned network would give businesses incentives to target underserved areas, like poverty stricken ubran neighborhoods. What she didn't do in her speech is claim to invent Web 2.0 ( cue the drum ).

Gmail Gets Bigger

Worried you'll soon fill up the nearly 3GB of allotted storage space in your Gmail account? If so, you could delete some emails, purchase additional space ( up to 400GB! ), or wait and watch as Gmail's counter continues to increase . Most of us will settle for the latter, and today Google announced they're speeding up the storage counter , giving data packrats a reason to rejoice.

Asus Eee PC Breaks $200

The $199 notebook unveiled at Computex Taipei 2007 will soon hit store shelves, but Asustek Computer sales and marketing president Jonathan Tsang warns not to expect retail pricing under two c-notes . The $199 price tag will be for contract purchases only, and it remains to be seen what the low cost notebook will sell for at Best Buy and Newegg at the end of this month. Taiwan will receive the initial batch of shipments on October 16, with inventory limited to fewer than 10,000 units.

Wii Price Remains Firm

Priced attractively from the get-go, Nintendo plans to keep selling the Wii console for $249 through the holiday shopping season. And why not, as George Harrison, senior VP of marketing at Nintendo comments, " We are still selling everything we can make. " This past Tuesday we posted a quote from Nintendo CEO Reggie Fils-Aime going on record saying Wii production won't meet demand this Christmas, so today's pricing announcement hardly comes as a surprise.

Shameless Plug?

Maybe so, but it's worth a mention that HardwareLogic , the site this editor also writes for and helps run, today joins a handful of premier sites equipped with professional level power supply testing equipment , headed up by our very own Mod Blogger Mantabase (Chris Adcock) . The equipment doesn't come cheap, which is why so few sites target proper PSU reviews, and HL now joins the select few standouts that include . SilentPCReview (headed by Mike Chin , who authored Maximum PC's White Paper feature on power supplies in the current November issue), HardOCP , Jonnyguru , and PC Perspective .

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