Daily News Brief: Time Warner Tests Internet Metering


Tough Break for Texans

In what could be a sign of the online apocalypse, Time Warner Cable said it will begin metering internet use starting June 5 in a test market in Beaumont, with heavier users facing higher fees. Beaumont currently accounts for 90,000 customers, and those classified as high-use customers will be charged extra fees after two months, according to spokesman Alex Dudley. How long until Comcast follows suit ?

Ultra-Portable Slugfest

MSI made bad on its promise to deliver the ultra-portable Wind at $549 with XP installed, but in a good way. Pricing will instead settle at an alluring $499 (the Linux model still checks in at $399). OS aside, that buys you a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor, 945GMS northbride and ICH7M southbridge, 512MB (Linux) or 1GB (XP) DDR2, 80GB hard drive, and more. Meanwhile, Asus officially launched the Eee PC 1000. The new model comes with a bigger keyboard and other goodies found here .

Wal-Mart vs Craigslist?

Most people turn to Craigslist or Ebay when shopping for used goods, but Wal-Mart wants to enter the fray. The mega-retailer has begun testing the waters with a beta of free online classified ads . Launched last week and powered by Oodle.com, it already sports over 40 million listings, mainly because it taps into Oodle's existing postings.

New Promise Helps Autistic Kids Surf the Web

After watching his 6-year-old autistic grandson attempt to surf the web and throw his mouse in frustration, John LaSieur, who works in the software business, built a custom browser designed to simplify the experience and has now made it available to anyone for free. The Zac Browser For Autistic Children does away with extraneous keyboard buttons like Print Screen and turns off the right mouse button, reducing the chances of an unintentional counterproductive click. Read the full story here .

IE 8 Beta 2 Targets August Release

In other browser news, Microsoft said today it plans to test-release a feature-complete version of IE8 later this summer. IE8 Beta 2, set to debut in August, will come with all the features that the final release is expected to have. One of these features includes Activities , which lets users highlight text on a webpage and then take that passage into another web service, such as highlighting an address and quickly retrieving driving directions.

Reall Cool Keyboard

Literally. The aptly name board comes completely sealed in a silicone outer shell making it impervious to accidental spillage. And for your ninja typists, the Really Cool Keyboard maintains silence by using " no moving parts ." Take a peek here .

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