Daily News Brief: 'There She Is, Miss Safe Browser'


Move Over Firefox!

And make room for, uh, the Miss America Internet Browser ! The proprietary browser is an attempt to keep kids safe while surfing , permitting access to 10,318 pre-screened web sites. Parents can add more sites to the approved list (such as MaximumPC.com and Google.com, both of which are not approved), and opt to disable internet acdess with any other browser. Pop-up blocking and multiple accounts both are present, but not tabbed browsing.

New Vista Update

Just get finished downloading and installing Vista's Compatibility and Reliability + Performance and Reliability updates? If you're still having issues, or simply want to stay current with the latest hotfixes, mosey on over to Microsoft and install the new Compatibility, Reliability, and Stability update. The new patch purports to extend battery life, improve stability in several areas, shorten startup time, and more.

Yahoo and eBay Acknowledge Phishing

Having finally received the memo, Yahoo has begun working with eBay and Paypal to curb phishing attacks. EBay and Paypal are preparing their PCs to support DomainKeys , a technology invented by Yahoo that authenticates email senders, and block those determined to be fake. Yahoo mail users will be the first beneficiaries over the next several weeks. We applaud the proactive approach, but still recommend not clicking on URLs, and instead manually typing the main site's web address into your browser. Of course, there's always the Miss America browser...

File Sharing Trial Heats Up

Rather than settle out of court for thousands of dollars, Jammie Thomas becomes the first person to go to jury trial and face a judgment of more than $1.2 million. Accused of copyright infringement for sharing 1,702 songs, Thomas' lawyer has been attempting to raise doubts by bringing up alternative scenarios, such as someone else sharing songs via a wireless connection. Prosecution has been countering with oodles of seemingly damning data, but one thing they don't have is Jammie's hard drive, which she had replaced in 2005. We'll continue to follow this case, so stay tuned!

Star Trek Claims Asteroid

Priceline got William Shatner, and an asteroid between Mars and Jupiter claims George Takei . In honor of his role as Hikaru Sulu in Star Trek, the International Astronomical Union's Committee on Small Body Nomenclature (imagine the font required to fit that on a business card) approved naming the anonymous asteroid 7307 Takei . The newly named space rock joins roughly 14,000 asteroids to have been named by the committed, with about 165,000 identified and numbered. On a related note, if you discover an asteroid, you have 10 years to propose a name before the panel steps in.

Intel Shares Down, Price War Looms

After a Morgan Stanley report claimed an oversupply of chips could spark a price war between Intel and AMD, Intel shares dropped 2.2 percent. Analyst Mark Lipacis advised investors to sell shares from both companies, causing AMD to also take a tumble, but a late rally all but nullified the initial 3 percent slump.

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