Daily News Brief: The Probably Mostly Typo Free Edition


Sony Gets Ready to Rumble!

Sony continues to up the ante on their Playstation 3 game console in preparation for the coming holiday shopping season. Pricing on the 60GB PS3 recently dropped to $499, down from its $599 debut, and will soon be replaced by the 80GB model at the same price point. We also learned that a 40GB version will start selling for $399 , just $50 more than the regular XBox 360, and finally making the Blu-ray equipped console affordable to a wider audience than just the gaming elite (and by elite , we mean those with deep pockets). But it's not just pricing that gives gamers reason to cheer; to really prove they're ready to rumble in the console market, Sony's reintroducing force feedback into their controllers. If you recall, Sony initially nixed the feature for fear that vibration would interfere with the motion sensor. Or so they said. The bigger hurdle likely involved a patent infringement suit brought on by Immersion over feedback technology. But whatever the reason, rumble's making a comeback in the DualShock 3, which will first be available in Japan this November, and then in the US sometime next spring.

Internet Continues to Clutter...

...with yet another social networking site. At least this one adds a healthy twist, aiming to be a resource for social and political issues, and promoting discussions on those issues facing today's youth. Think.MTV.com will give users the ability to create pages similar to the other 9000 social networking sites on the web, and those profiles could end up being aired on MTV's online or cable network. Funding for the new site's being provided by Steve Case's Case Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Goldhirsh Foundation, and the MCL Foundation. If the site ultimately fails, no one can claim it was from a lack of a solid foundation (get it!?)

No YouTube for You!

If you live in Turkey, that is. For the second time this year, a Turkish court has ordered telecom authorities to block access to YouTube , the popular video site now owned by Google. Turkey apparently takes issue with clips deemed insulting to leading political officials, the same reason YouTube was banned back in March (it was lifted two days later after the offending clip was removed). It's unclear when the ban will take effect, but they're apparently not the only ones to have blocked the video sharing site...

Free Video Downloads for You!

Don your download caps; you'll soon be able to download popular NBC shows like Heroes and The Office on your PC. They're calling the service NBC Direct, and it will make its debut in October. The episodes will contain embedded advertising, and the file will expire seven days after the show's TV debut. It's an interesting move, considering NBC recently freed themselves from iTunes and instead signed an agreement with Amazon to sell episodes as part of Amazon's Unbox service.

Pick a Three Letter Word: Sex or Web

According to a survey by JWT (an advertising agency), 20 percent of over 1,000 respondents admitted to spending less time having sex in favor of being online. There's more to the story, such as how long the majority of those surveyed said they could go without internet access, but nothing more interesting (or depressing) than the above. Whether this means that social networking sites are failing or succeeding, we'll let you be the judge.

This Could be Another Reason

Another reason respondants may admit to logging more web time than cuddle time with that special someone is because they're willing to purchase a full body Halo 3 Spartan Master Chief Armor Costume Helmet Suit for more than what they'd pay for an engagement ring. Just a thought.

$10,000 WoW Character Banned?

What does roughly $10K get you in the MMORPG aftermarket? For the online buyer under the pseudonym Shaks , his 7,000 Euros bought him a Level 70 Night Elf Rogue character from World of Warcraft, sometimes referred to as World of WarCrack for its highly addictive nature. The character also came with four out of five pieces of the Tier 6 armor set , and the Twin Blades of Azzinoth (for WoW virgins, the Twin Blades can be picked off Illidan's defeated corpse in The Black Temple. Bet you were just dying to ask!). Had that been the whole story, it'd still qualify for headline status, but the fact that the $10K account appears to have been banned by Blizzard propels it into ' must-post ' status. Blizzard pooh-poohs selling accounts, stating that they do not " recognize the transfer of Accounts between individuals. " Based on their policy regarding account transfers, and because the Level 70 Night Elf Rogue hasn't logged on since September 3, the real question appears to be who Shaks decides to sue, rather than whether or not his character has been banned.

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