Daily News Brief: TGIF Edition!


Voodoo Works some Dual Videocard Voodoo

Yesterday we reported on HP's Blackbird002 rig , an enthusiast gaming oriented PC that takes advantage of Voodoo's talents, who HP gobbled up last year. But just how talented are the gurus at Voodoo? Enough so that they've managed to offer Crossfire support on an SLI chipset . Unofficial hacks have existed that previously let users do the reverse (run SLI on Intel chipsets), but this is a first where the support is official, and major ground for an OEM to break. Perhaps this is being optimistic, but a move such as this could spark an end to the separation between chipsets and choice of videocards.

Cell Phones in Hospitals Revisited

Earlier this year the Mayo Clinic concluded that using a cell phone doesn't affect medical equipment. The results were obtained from 300 tests over a 5 month period back in 2006, all without a single incident. But don't expect your local hospital to start changing their policy, thanks to conflicting results from the University of Amsterdam . In the more recent test, researchers recorded close to 50 incidents of electromagnetic interference, calling 75 percent of them either significant or hazardous, such as complete stops in syringe pumps with no alarm and malfunctioning external pacemakers. They attribute most of the recorded incidents to the latest General Packet Radio Service signal, which appears on newer phones that offer wireless internet and other trendy features.

Intel Jumping into $100 Notebook?

They might be. The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project , a $100 notebook ( recently bumped up to $175 ) hoping to sweep through developing countries, comes outfitted with an AMD 433MHz Geode LX-700 . A trial run of 300 machines has already taken place, with full scale production hoped to start soon. But Intel is saying, not so fast . Intel engineers are currently mashing out a motherboard for use with one of its chips, either existing silicon, or based on the upcoming Silverthorne . That would put the OLPC back at square one, but if Intel can pull the deal off, it'd be yet another jab to an AMD already on the ropes.

Email Attachments Still Deadly, Just not as Much

Infected email attachments are taking a downward trend , according to Sophos, who continues to see the infection rate plummet. They found that 1 in every 47 emails contained malware just 18 months ago, which dropped to 1 in 322 for the first 6 months of 2007, and has now tumbled to 1 in 1000 in a newly released report. This can be attributed to both better attachment blocking and customer awareness, but despite decreased interest in infested attachments, e-mails are still being targeted. Threats still run rampant in the form of hyperlinks, taking unsuspecting users (or the overly curious) to unscrupulous websites capable of infecting visitors.

Microsoft Aims to close Gap with VMWare

Now available for download , Microsoft hopes their System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2007 will better help them compete with VMware , largely considered the de facto standard when deploying virtualization. One key aspect that should give Microsoft a foothold in gaining the competition's customers is Virtual Machine Manager 2007's future ability to convert systems running VMware to Microsoft's format. Microsoft's also banking on their upcoming Viridian software, a hypervisor which puts an extra layer between the OS and hardware.

Another Nude Photo Caught on the Web

Nude photos on the web are nothing new, even those of celebrities. But who would have guessed any young stars from Disney's High School Musical would get caught on the web so quickly? Vanessa Hudgens, who plays Gabriella Montez, confirmed through her representative that the full frontal nudity pic is her, which was taken for real life boyfriend Zac Efron, the teenage heartthrob who plays Troy Bolton. We're not going to show you where to see the pic, that's something you'll have to dig up on your own ...

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