Daily News Brief: Spammers Send Bait Through YouTube!


Worm Crawls Through YouTube

It's still safe to watch pixilated videos, but spammers have started using YouTube's 'Invite Your Friends' feature as a conduit for spreading a Storm Worm variant. XBox owners are the current target, with recipients asked to click a link to collect their prize, Halo 3. Instead, credulous clickers who click the winhalo3 hyperlink are taken to a Storm trojan file. So far, the security firm Marshal has tracked 150,000 of the bogus emails originating from YouTube accounts.

Sony Blu-ray Drive Hits 4x

Early adopters rejoice; Sony today unveiled a new Blu-ray burner that ups the ante to 4X BD-R. Sony claims the BWU200S drive will cut burning times in half when compared to 1st gen units, allowing a 50GB BD-R disc to be recorded in roughly 45 minutes. The drive will make a retail debut next month, with pre-order pricing set at a vulgar $599.99.

Would the Pope Approve?

Two of the top US Catholic dating websites are tying the knot in merger matrimony. The two sites, CatholicMatch.com and CatholicDaters.com , will become one, with Catholic Match keeping its name and absorbing the other's members. For those unfamiliar with the devout dating service, you can sign up for a free account or browse singles in your area, but you're still responsible for confession should you encounter a one night stand.

Kudos to Interpol

A virtual high-five goes out to Interpol , the world's largest international police organization, for successfully unscrambling an accused sexual predator's photo . The incriminating pics were taken in Cambodia and Vietnam around 2002 or 2003, and concealed with what appears to be the result of Photoshop's twirl distortion tool. Interpol was reluctant to publicly release the images, thus proving to criminals that photos can be unblurred, but it appears they made the right decision; Interpol received 200 tips in the first 12 hours since releasing photos of the accused pedophile. Well done Interpol.

Wii Fit Game Launches Soon

Today Nintendo announced they would start selling their 'Wii Fit' fitness game in Japan on December 1, sending shares to a record high. The game comes with a pressure sensing mat called the Wii Balance Board , which can sense player movement, such as leans and head butting a soccer ball. Parents hoping their kids will get fit must also cope with a thinning wallet, as Wii Fit will sell for $75. The announcement represents market posturing for the holiday shopping season, as it was just yesterday that Sony revealed plans to cut PS3 pricing by 10 percent in Japan.

Will it Ever Stop!?

MySpace, Facebook, ThinkMTV, Friendster, Bebo: Don't you miss when kids would venture outside and, you know, hang out at the mall or cause trouble behind the bowling alley? Instead, mischievious mortals will soon be able to mingle on yet another social networking site, this one from eBay. Members can join any of several ' Neighborhoods ' of specific interest, such as Star Wars or (*GASP*) Apple , and participate in related discussions, read product reviews, and view other members' profiles. From our brief browsing, Neighborhoods has a long way to go before challenging established social networking sites, but maybe that's a good thing.

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