Daily News Brief: PS3 Folders Now Over 1 Million Strong


PS3 Contributes Big to Folding@home

Forget about Blu-ray movies, next gen gaming, or streaming content . For many, the real allure of the Playstation 3 console lies within its ability to fold proteins for the Folding@home project. More than one million PS3 owners are now using their console to fold , which Sony says is equivalent to 3,000 users per day, or 2 new registered users every minute. Put into perspective, it takes only 10,000 consoles to output the same amount of work as 100,000 PCs, which has helped the project breach the petaflop mark. Interesting in joining the cause with Maximum PC? Register under team 11108, then hop over to our Folding forum for tips and tweaks.

Silver Lining

In other Playstation news, Sony announced plans to release a ' Satin Silver ' PS3 in Japan. The new unit will retain the standard 40GB hard drive, and will come with a silver controller to match the console. But the real news is in the release date. Sony plans to debut the third colored console on March 6, the same day Microsoft will unveil the Xbox 360 Arcade in Japan . Touch é !

Apple Doubles Up

Twice as much is twice as nice, and both Apple's iPod and iPhone are about to get twice as fat. Or should we say, phat? Apple today announced a new 16GB iPhone and 32GB iPod touch. Each model represents a doubling of capacity in their respective lineup, but not a doubling in price. The new iPhone will sell for $499, compared to $399 for the 8GB model, and the new iPod touch will also command $499, compared to $399 for the 16GB model. Both are available immediately at the Apple Store .

It's a Guy Thing

Has your wife or girlfriend chastised you over how often you play video games? If so, she's obviously not familiar with a new study by Dr. Allan Reiss and his team at the Center of Interdisciplinary Brain Sciences Research. The study analyzed fMRI scans of two groups - 11 men and 11 women - while playing a specially designed video game. Participants were given no instructions. The fMRI scans showed more activity in the men's mesocorticolimbic center, which is associated with reward and addiction. Arm yourself with more details here , just don't bring up the NPD Group's findings, which show men and women split nearly evenly when buying video game software and hardware.

A Cutting Conspiracy

A week ago we reported of an undersea cable rupture disrupting internet access across several Middle Eastern nations, but was it accidental? Another cable was cut today , marking the fourth such incident in one week. Analysts remain confident that sabotage seems unlikely, but no one has been able to determine what caused the damage or if the incidents were related. According to the International Cable Protection Committee, undersea cables carry 95 percent of the world's telephone and internet traffic.

RIAA Targets...Songwriters?

According to the Hollywood Reporter , the RIAA's latest target isn't music downloaders, but instead they're going after songwriters. Specifically, HR reports RIAA is asking the Copyright Royalty Board to lower songwriter royalties on song file downloads. Songwriters currently fetch about 9 cents per song, or 13 percent of the wholesale price, and the RIAA wants that number dropped to 8 percent. Read more here .

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