Daily News Brief: One Billion MP3s Up for Grabs!



According to a report in Billboard, that's how many MP3s Amazon and Pepsi will jointly give away come Super Bowl time. The hope is that Warner Music and Sony BMG will be swayed to offer DRM-free MP3s, instead of continuing to supply Wal-Mart with WMA files. Five billion Pepsi bottle caps will feature the promotion, with five needed to qualify for a free download from Amazon.

Second Life Currency Not Secure

Security researchers claim they've discovered an exploit in Second Life that could potentially allow for hackers to steal in-game currency from subscribers. Linden dollars, as they're called, can be transferred to US dollars, giving the security bug real-world implications. The exploit's been traced to QuickTime and the ability to embed videos or pictures onto avatars and virtual property.

Run Mac Software on Penryn

Sparking speculation that we could soon seen Intel's Penryn chips in upcoming Macs , big blue recently updated their software development tools to better support OS X Leopard applications on Penryn processors. The upgraded software sports improved compilers and libraries for various development environments, and allows applications to take advantage of SSE4. As expected, Apple wouldn't reveal whether or not we'll see new Mac systems with Penryn inside.

World of Guitar Heroes

Vivendi, publisher of the highly addictive World of Warcraft , announced plans to acquire a controlling 52 percent stake in Activision Inc. , the company responsible for Crash Bandicoot and runaway hit Guitar Hero . The acquisition will bring with it a name change to 'Activision Blizzard,' and combined the new company will be valued at $18.9 billion, putting them in a position to better compete with EA.

IRC Chats Logged

Proving once again that nothing online is ever truly private, a new Israeli startup is indexing public IRC chats to the tune of 6 million conversations a day. IRSeek is making the conversations searchable, giving snoops the ability to look up conversations by IRC nicknames, and they're not obtaining permission to do so . Even worse, they're not using easily identifiable nicks.

IE vs Firefox: FIGHT!

The browser wars are heating up again, and this time Microsoft fired the first shot at the Mozilla camp. Perhaps taking advantage of Firefox's Week of Woes , Microsoft released a security report that puts IE in a much more favorable light, claiming fewer threats in each security level (low, medium, and high). Quick to fire back was Mozilla's Mike Shaver, who said Microsoft should be embarrassed with the " ridiculous " report. Oh schnapps!

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