Daily News Brief: OLED Keyboard Nearing Release?


Optimus Maximums Keyboard Coming?

Long thought of as vaporware , Art Lebedev and company insist they're on track to finally debut the OLED keyboard come late February as they iron out the firmware. Pre-orders for the high end model with 113 active buttons will set you back almost $1,600, or roughly $460 for the lowest end model with just 1 active key. Since its inception, the Opitmus Maximus has been plagued by delays and setbacks, and we've often wondered which would materialize first; the keyboard or Duke Nukem Forever . The race is on...

Ready...Set...Out of Stock!

We knew the Nintendo Wii would be the most sought after item this holiday season, and solidifying the obvious, Amazon recorded sales of 17 Wiis per second when in stock. Also adding to their strongest holiday season ever was the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix DVD. December 10th marked Amazon's busiest day of the year, selling 5.4 million items, or 62.5 items every second.

Wisconsin Lawmakers Propose Video Game Tax

Wisconsin Senator Jon Erpenbach proposed a bill that would tax electronics, with video games and related equipment receiving a 1% surcharge. But lest gamers feel punished, Erpenbach insists the levy isn't intended to cast video games into an unfavorable light or dissuade gamers from fragging each other. Instead, the Senator wants to raise money to move 17-year-old non-violent crime offenders out of the adult system and into juvenile court instead.

How Old Are You?

That's the question Australian content service providers will have to get used to asking. A new law makes age verification mandatory for internet content classified as MA15+ and R18+ by the Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC). The latest law adds to Australia's reputation for having one of the most restrictive censorship protocols in the western world, covering both internet and mobile services.

LCD TVs Taking Over

Sony announced plans to drop production of rear-projection televisions and instead focus on LCD and OLED technologies. Rear-projection sales have been steadily declining, with sales forecasts putting the aging format at 400,000 units, down from 1.1 million the previous fiscal year. The opposite holds true for LCD TVs, which Sony expects to sell 10 million units, up from 6.3 million last year.

Batcave Home Theater

What is a retired naturalist to do with his spare time? Create a Batcave home theater , of course! And create one he did, with the help of New Hampshire based installer DC Audio Video System. The redesigned basement features prop bats hanging from the ceiling, a 110" screen, THX speakers, and a $36K 1080p 2500 x 2000 Sony G90 CRT projector. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, Quick! To the Batcave!

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