Daily News Brief: MSI's Powerless Air Cooler


Powerless Air Cooling

Or perhaps more accurately put, powerless active air cooling. MSI plans to present a live demo of their new ' Air Power Cooler ' at CeBIT 2008. The new ECO cooler concept is built around the Stirling Engine Theory. Heat from the chipset expands the surrounding air, which is then used to push and rotate the fan and cool the heatsink. MSI claims " the better air piston design can transfer over 70 percent heat power and transfer to air power. " More info and pics here .

USAF: No Blogging for You!

If you're an avid blogger who's considered joining the armed forces, a new policy means you might have to drop the Air Force from the running. Unlike the Army, which reviews soldiers' blogs for sensitive information before given the green light to post, the USAF has banned the practice altogether, including visiting sites with the word ' blog ' in the URL. The new policy stems from new leadership, as the Air Force Network Operations Center (AFNOC) is now headed by Cyber Command. As expected, the policy change has been met with criticism. More on the story here .

The Internet Reborn

In Hollywood, sequels never live up to the original, but could the Internet do better if given a second chance ? Former FBI agent Patrick Dempsey thinks so, who earlier this week proposed a creating a second, more secure Internet " where users would be required to register prior to gaining access. " Dempsey points to the growing problem of international cyber-crime, and the difficulty in prosecuting overseas hacks. Could a second Internet work? Post your thoughts below.

Vista Pricing Lowered

Vista continues to struggle to gain traction outside the pre-bundled OEM market, and Microsoft hopes an unprecedented move will change that. Specifically, MS wants to entice XP owners to upgrade by cutting retail prices on the upgrade versions of Vista Ultimate (down to $219 from $299) and Home Premium (down to $129 from $159). Outside the US, Microsoft will merge full and upgrade versions of Home Basic and Home Premium in an attempt to thwart software piracy and encourage the use of genuine software. When pinged about the cuts, Windows consumer marketing VP Brad Brooks admitted " We probably got the pricing mix wrong. You don't always get it right, but you make the adjustment. "

Did EA Jump the Gun?

Earlier this week , Take-Two Interactive issued a press release publicly rejecting EA's unsolicited $2 billion buyout offer, claiming the amount undervalued the company. Take-Two also remains adamant against discussing any buyout offers until after GTA IV ships, and EA may have been better off waiting before presenting their offer. In a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Take-Two said they have since received " informal indications of interest in a business combination. " Read more here .

Text Messaging Not Catching On

The National Texting Championship remains in good shape, but every fad has its boundaries, and college students just aren't cozying up to the idea of receiving text alerts. In response to the Virginia Tech massacre, hundreds of campuses nationwide have implemented a text alert system for crisis situations, but participation among staff and students remain low. Not even a drawing for an iPod Nano could help the University of Missouri's Columbia campus reach an enrollment rate beyond 15 percent. NWRUS!?

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