Daily News Brief: Linux Looks at Going Green


Torvalds Talks Green

Appearing in Melbourne this week to attend Australia's annual linux conference , Linus Torvald stated in an interview a desire to bring power management and energy diagnosis up to par with other Operating Systems. Linus acknowledged " It is an area we were pretty weak in a few years ago and just building up the infrastructure took a long time, " but now feels the tools are in place for Linux to go green. He also answered questions about retirement and talked about the apparent death of DRM. Read more here

How's Your Driving?

According to Michael Kanellos , " GreenRoad Technologies exists because, as a driver, you probably suck. " He's referring to a software program that keeps tabs on your driving performance, and then reports it back to your boss, insurance company, who whoever had it installed. The idea is that good habits can reap rewards, but the software provides tips, making it the ultimate backseat driver. Some corporate customers claim the software reduced accidents by 54 percent, lowered accident costs by 65 percent, and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 7 percent.

Dude, Where'd the Dell Kiosks Go?

Can't find that Dell kiosk at your local mall anymore? You're not alone. Dell yesterday announced they plan to close all 140 kiosks they have scattered throughout the U.S., ending a 5-year run of what they dubbed the Dell Direct Store model. Instead, Dell will continue to focus on increasing their retail presence. Read the press release here .

Firmware Update Adds Skype to PSP

Sony announced earlier this month they planned to bring Skype functionality to the PSP, and the latest firmware release (version 3.90) seals the deal. The update installs to both PSP-1001 (original) and PSP-2001 (slim) model numbers, but only owners of the latter will receive Skype functionality.

Actors Finding Second Life

We're not referring to the videogame Second Life, but we are talking about videogames and the actors that appear in them. Younger gamers may only associate Keith David with his role as Arbiter in Halo, but he's also appeared in over 140 flicks dating back to 1979. In addition to renewed recognition, voice actors are paid according to Screen Actors Guild rules, which equates to about $760 for a single four-hour recording session. It's not uncommon for top talent to book multiple sessions per day, resulting in a steadier paycheck than on-screen work. More on this interesting perspective here .

Voice Recognition Controller Mod

AcidMods.com site owner Cyberpyrot modded an XBox 360 controller to recognize voice commands. A series of videos and pictures outlines the proof of concept, which requires " loads of soldering ." Cyberpyrot sees potential in his mod for disabled gamers, but with a little less lag coupled with developer support, things could start to get interesting.

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