Daily News Brief: Lasers Attack Viruses!


Lasers May Cure Viruses?

Fricken' lasers are in the news again, and this time it has nothing to do with the high definition format war raging on. Instead, Kong-Thon Tsen and his son Shaw-Wei Tsen have discovered a way to destroy the thin protein shield that protects viruses. Using an Ultrashort-Pulse (USP) Laser , super fast pulses resonate with the frequency of the virus protein, causing it to vibrate and eventually lose its bond and disintegrate into harmless atoms and molecules.

Canadian ISP Throttles P2P

Comcast drew considerable ire when it was discovered the ISP was throttling BitTorrent traffic, and now Bell Sympatico finds themselves in similar angry waters. Consumers complained on the Canadian ISP's forums, and Bell was quick to admit to throttling P2P traffic during peak hours, noting that BitTorrent, Gnutella, Limewire, Kazaa, and other popular applications are all affected.

Hollywood Writers on Strike

Anticipating skyrocketing revenue over web, cell phone, and iPod driven content, the Writers Guild of America hoped to significantly restructure their contract with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, but negotiations came to a screeching halt when the Writers Guild opted to strike. Writers currently receive roughly 3 cents for a typical DVD selling for $20, even though DVDs have become more profitable than box office receipts. The Guild plans to picket every major studio in LA, along with Rockefeller Center in New York.

Microsoft Defends Facebook

Microsoft turned some heads when they purchased a 1.6 percent stake in Facebook for $240 milion, which essentially appraised the site at $15 billion. But Ballmer insists they " didn't make a mistake ," stating it was an important step for Microsoft to be a presence in that section of cyberspace. He also said that Microsoft's focusing on up to 20 more acquisitions ranging from $50 million to $1 billion, but had no comment on whether or not they plan to take a stake in Yahoo.

PC Purchases Declining in Japan

In a world now laced with iPods, Wiis, HDTVs, and other high tech gadgetry, Japan's finding less sex appeal in the PC market , which continues to shrink. Overall PC sales have slipped for the fifth consecutive quarter, falling 4.8 percent in Q2 2007, with laptops seeing a 3.1 percent tumble. But lest anyone declare PCs are dead, worldwide demand is expected to lift PC shipments 11 percent to a record 286 million in 2007.

Noise Vigilantes Jam Cell Phones

An architect recounts become fed up listening to a woman on her cell phone as the two sat next to each other on a train. Reaching into his pocket, he pushed a button on a device that effectively jams nearby cell phone transmissions by sending out a power radio signal. It's not legal, nor is the technology new, but exporters claim US demand is on the rise and that hundreds are being shipped to the states every month. The FCC actively investigates such claims, issuing fines up to $11K for a first offense.

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