Daily News Brief: Italian Bloggers Shushed


Levi-Prodi Law to Keep MaxPC Servers Out of Italy

But if they did, bloggers could be screwed. A new draft law seeks to essentially gag bloggers , requiring writers to register their blogs (or website), produce certificates, and pay a tax, even if there's no intention of making money. The restrictive law still has to be approved by Parliament, but met with no resistance from the Council of Ministers. Mama mia !

iPhone Sales Don't Add Up

Forget those perplexing math questions about riding on trains headed west at 65MPH, Apple's come up with a real number crunching brain tease : With 1.4 million iPhones sold, how come nearly 18 percent of them haven't been activated? Apple doesn't have the answer, but third parties might. Unlocking software recently began making the rounds, which could explain why 250,000 iPhones aren't showing up on AT&T's radar.

AMD Tri-Core Details Emerge

Motherboard makers have spilled the beans on AMD's upcoming tri-core processors, set to launch next year and through 2009 . First up is Toliman, a 65nm part carrying 2MB of L3 cache and support for AM2+ mobos and HyperTransport 3.0. In 2009, tri-core will move to 45nm on socket AM3 with support for both DDR2 and DDR3. Not surprisingly, AMD had no comment.

OCZ and PC Power & Cooling Marriage Bear Fruit

Earlier this year OCZ gobbled up PC Power & Cooling , a deal speculated to be worth upwards of $10 million, and today that partnership will bear fruit for the first time. Adding to an existing naming scheme, OCZ accounces the new 500W StealthXStream , a value oriented power supply " qualified under the watchful eye of the Power Management division at PC Power & Cooling ." Aside from the wattage, it's unclear whether or not the new model differs internally from the previously released 600W model.

Seagate Settlement

Purchased a Seagate hard drive between March 22, 2001 and September 26, 2007? If so, then you're eligible to receive either free software or 5% cash back . The settlement comes as a result of Cho v. Seagate , a suit filed in April of 2005 claiming Seagate falsified capacity claims by as much as 7%. The discrepancy stems from the ongoing GB controversy (is 1GB 1,000,000,000 bytes or 1,073,741,824?).

Microsoft Throws in Towel

After an initial appeal was upheld last month, Microsoft now says they're withdrawing a current appeal over a 280.5 million euro (USD $357 million) fine imposed back in July 2006 by the European Union. They're also dropping a second appeal, which asked the EU Court to annul an order stating Microsoft must license its intellectual property to open source systems.

Intel Develops Spill-Proof Keyboard

Spill proof keyboards aren't new, but Intel's iteration is. The new design allows air to flow through from above , but doesn't extend the same courtesy to liquids. Because air is drawn in from the top, watch for laptop manufacturers to jump on the concept, which could benefit from the makeshift, unobstructed ventilation. No word yet on when the new keyboard(s) will debut.

IBM Wants to Patent Profitting from Patents

It's not exactly that cut and dry, but hey, see for yourself what IBM has dreamed up for their repository of patents, of which they hold more than other company in the world.

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