Daily News Brief: Is Internet Addiction a Disorder?


Internet Addiction

Find yourself spending too much time surfing the web or playing videogames? If so, you may have a disorder. In the latest issue of The American Journal of Psychiatry , Dr. Jerald J. Block makes a pitch for adding Internet Addiction to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) V. Block outlines three subtypes - excessive gaming, sexual preoccupations, and email/text messaging - with each variant sharing four components to qualify for the disorder (excessive use, withdrawal, tolerance, and negative repercussions). Scheduled for publication in 2011, the new manual will replace the DSM IV, published in 1994. Read more here .

Arthur C. Clarke Dies at 90

Somewhere in the Geek Manual it states that in order to pass through the gates of Geekdom, you must have read at least one Arthur C. Clarke novel. Most applicants fulfill the unwritten requirement by reading 2001: A Space Odyssey , which ranks as just one of over 100 books Clarke wrote in his 90-year lifetime before passing away Wednesday. Helping fans cope with the loss will be one more novel published later this year, The Last Theorem , co-written with Frederik Pohl. More on Clarke's passing here .

BFG Owners Beware

While BFG's been busy competing with EVGA by offering a Trade-Up program similar to EVGA's Step-Up program, BFG's also incorporated the same 30-day registration requirement shared by both XFX and EVGA. For " all BFG graphics cards introduced on or after February 21, 2008 must be registered on www.bfgtech.com within thirty (30) calendar days of the original purchase date to activate the limited lifetime warranty. " Failure to do so drops the warranty period down to just one year, so be sure and hop online after picking up that swank new GPU.

Surfing Safari 3.1

Show of hands - how many out there are using Apple's Safari browser ? Now put your hands down if you're a Mac user. For the few hands still raised, the Safari browser is now available in version 3.1. The update adds support for various web standards, increases site compatibility and stability, addresses several security issues , and more. Apple also claims the 3.1 update significantly improves both HTML and JavaScript performance compared to FireFox and IE7.

PSP Firmware 3.93

Sony recently made available a new firmware release for PSP owners, version 3.93. The firmware update expands support for Playstation Network titles and adds 20 new internet radio players organized by style of music. Er, w00t?

Who's Eyeing Up VIA?

According to a DigiTimes report , NVIDIA was in talks with VIA discussing a possible acquisition, but couldn't come to an agreement on a deal because of VIA's high asking price. In addition to an all-out acquisition, the two companies also considered a strategic alliance, and a buyout of VIA's processor division. The un-named sources indicated negotiations are expected to pick up again soon.

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