Daily News Brief: Iron Man's Suit Debunked


Iron Man's a Fraud!?

Turns out that Iron Man's suit defies physics and slaps in the face of realism. From the super hero's jet propulsion boots to his repulsor rays, the dispiriting truth is that such technological wonders simply aren't feasible just yet. Buzz kill! Back to our mind control exercises and other Jedi training...

CompUSA Resurrected

Sort of. After restructuring firm Gordon Brothers Group LLC bought the chain for an undisclosed sum last December, CompUSA appeared destined to push up brick-and-morar colored daisies, but it now appears the chain may be on life support. Systemax, who gobbled up several CompUSA locations along with the chain's trademarks and website, announced that it's re-opening 15 stores and building a new one.

Nintendo's Wii Continues to Sell Out

Gamers are still finding it difficult to find a Wii in stock a year and half after the console launched, even though Nintendo allocates 40 percents of the 1.8 million Wiis manufactured every month to the North American market. According to Reggie

Fils-Aime , Nintendo of America's president, Wii consoles on average sit on store shelves for just an hour before they are purchased, a stat that makes him " passionately upset ."

Microsoft Earnings Up, Piracy Too

Microsoft on Thursday reported quarterly earnings of 47 cents per share on revenue of $14.45 billion, slightly above analysts' estimates of 44 cents per share on revenue of $14.5 billion. The company also increased its staff 13 percent over the past year, while at the same time boosting salaries for existing users. But one number that has Microsoft concerned is the increased rate of piracy , which had previously been declining.

One for the Mod Shop

What happens when you take a table saw to an LCD monitor? Disaster for most, but for Steampunk Workshop's Jake von Slatt, the end result is a Victorian All-in- One PC , a stunningly gorgeous mod. View the worklog (with video) here , then be sure to stop by Maximum PC's Mod Shop and vote on other mods, or submit your own for a chance to win a share of the $2000 monthly prize pool!

Bill Seeks to Ban Genetic Discrimination

Being turned down for employment or denied health insurance because of genetic impositions may not be at the forefront of political debates, but could such scenarios be far off ? The US Senate yesterday voted unanimously to pass the Genetic Information Nondiscriminitaion Act of 2007 (GINA) . The bill leaves the door open for states to set more exacting standards than those laid out in GINA, but overrides any local legislation that's less strict. Next on the agenda is translating the bill into law. More here .

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