Daily News Brief: Intel Goes Green with Diamondville


Intel Glitters with Diamondville

The new fad in the tech industry is to go green, and Intel's Diamondville platform intends to do just that. Information about the ultra-low voltage platform was revealed in Intel's most recent roadmap, which includes a processor soldered directly onto low power motherboards. The new architecture will come in both desktop and mobile variants. Single-core versions will debut in Q2 '08, with dual-core parts expected in Q3. The first chips out the door will chug along at 1.6GHz and feature 512KB cache, but the real story is in the power draw. Diamondville processors will sip only 4-8W, and won't require a fan.

IBM Rocks 20 Cores

IBM earlier this week launched their new System z10 mainframe sporting no less than five quad-core dies on the highest end z10 processors. That's, er, double deca-core? Viginti-core? Whatever the prefix, that's 20 cores of computing, which IBM claims is equal to nearly 1,500 x86 servers, but at up to 85 percent less energy costs and a much smaller physical footprint. More than a one-trick pony, the z10 mainframe supports workloads from Linux, XML, Java, and WebSphere, and is working to bring Solaris into the fray. Full press release here .

Sharp, Hitachi Raided

Reports have surfaced alleging both Sharp Corp. and Hitachi Ltd. were raided today by Japan's Fair Trade Commission. The raid stemmed from suspicion that the companies have been price fixing LCD displays for handheld consoles, such as the Nintendo DS. If found guilty, the companies could face a 10 percent fine of any gains deemed to be illegally obtained.

Internet Safety Technical Task Force

Do you lose sleep at night worrying about the dangers of social networking sites? Have we got a remedy for you! Internet scholars from Harvard Law School have created the Internet Safety Technical Task Force . The super-hero sounding group fulfills an agreement reached between MySpace and attorney generals from each state except Texas, and will focus on not just sexual predators, but online bullies and adult content. That's right - should a bully pick on you, Harvard scholars will have your back. Exactly how remains to be seen, but some of the bigger participants backing the cause include Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Time Warner, AOL, and FaceBook. ISTTF powers, ACTIVATE!

And So it Begins...

Hot on the heels of Blu-ray's victory in the high-def war, Sony's wasting no time in touting the PS3's capabilities for the winning format. Set for a March 19 release , European gamers can snag the Playstation 3 Movie Pack , which will include a 40GB console and three Blu-ray titles ( Spiderman 3 , 300 , and Casino Royale ) for €399. For those more interested in gaming, Sony's expected to offer a Gran Turismo 5: Prologue bundle on March 29, also priced at €399. Can a North American Movie Pack be far behind?

Sprint Offers Flat-Rate Plan

With both Verizon and AT&T offering $99/month unlimited calling plans, some analysts predicted Sprint would undercut the competition and spark a mobile price war, possibly with a plan as low as $60. Instead, Sprint responded at the same $99 price point with a Simply Everything plan that includes unlimited voice, data, text, email, web surfing, Sprint TV, Sprint Music, GPS Navigation, Direct Connect, and Group Connect. In other words, everything but the proverbial kitchen sink. Read more here .

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