Daily News Brief: Intel Gets FAB-ulous


Intel Opens Arizona Plant

With a cool $3 billion to spare, Intel today opened a chip manufacturing plant in Chandler, Arizona. The new factory will focus solely on processors based around 45nm Hi-k silicon technology , extending their lead to at least six months over AMD in the transition to the new chip-making method. Intel's first 45nm parts, code name Penryn, will go on sale November 12 .

How to Manage a Prima Donna

We know it's been on your mind, and the good folks at Microsoft have developed 5 guidelines for managing that Primia Donna in the workplace. In fact, Microsoft's website is a veritable treasure trove of pearls if you're willing to dig around...

Toshiba HD-DVD Two Part Update

For starters, Toshiba put the kibosh on rumors they're working with Microsoft to deliver an integrated HD-DVD drive into a future XBox 360 model. Bummer. But as one speculative door closes at the rumor mill, another one opens, as a pictured surfaced showing Wal-Mart displaying a $198 Toshiba HD-DVD player . The wallet friendly player will reportedly go on sale November 3rd.

Microsoft in Your Facebook

Not all rumors turn out false, such as Microsoft's infatuation with Facebook. Ending speculation, Microsoft has agreed to pay $240 million for a minority stake in the social networking site. Microsoft gets exclusive rights to sell advertising aimed at the 50 million Facebook member base. But is it all business? Both Microsoft and Facebook were started by Harvard dropouts, giving the couple like, sooooo much to talk about. Aww.

Geforce Card Cracks Passwords

Apparently nVidia's flagship 8800 Ultra isn't just capable of cranking through the benchmarks, but it can crack passwords too . And Elcomsoft, a Moscow based software company, wants to patent the technique. Taking advantage of the massive parallel processing capabilities in the 8800 Ultra, Elcomsoft managed to increase how quickly they can crack passwords by a factor of 25, boasting just three to five days to crack Vista login passwords. Only trouble is, once inside, then they have to deal with Vista. ZING!

SanDisk Flashes 25 Lawsuits

SanDisk feels scorned, and they're letting no less than 25 companies know about it by suing them for patent infringement. SanDisk filed suit with both the U.S. District Court in Wisconsin and the U.S. International Trade Commission, seeking damages, a permanent injunction, and a ban against importing their products. The laundry list of names include A-Data, Corsair, Kingston, PNY, Buffalo, and several (20) others.

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