Daily News Brief: How EA Blew It


EA Blew It!

Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello came to an epiphany recently, admitting on the final day of DICE " We at EA blew it, and to a degree I was involved in these things, so I blew it. " These things Riccitiello refers to involves EA's long standing practice of acquiring popular developers, and then stifling them. Bullfrog ( Populous ), Origin Systems ( Ultima ), and Westwood Studios ( Command & Conquer ) come to mind. Hoping not to repeat the same mistakes with Maxis and Bioware, Riccitiello claims these days EA lets new acquisitions keep their corporate cultures. Read more here .

Arcades Feel Wii Sting

Back in the day , playing videogames meant lugging around a pocket full of quarters to the local arcade. Street Fighter single handedly emptied our piggy banks, and before that it was 720 Degrees and Dragon's Lair . And true old-school coin-oppers can remember paying to play Q*Bert and Galaga . But with the rise of consoles, arcades have become all but extinct, seeking refuge in Japan where fan bases still exist. Enter the Nintendo Wii. Namco Bandai Holdings said they plan to close roughly 60, or about one-fifth of its arcades, and blamed the closures on the Nintendo Wii's success . NBH becomes the second arcade operator to announce mass closures, with Sammy Sega Holdings planning to shut down 100 arcades of their own. Will anything from the '80s stand the test of time?

Netflix Picks Blu-ray

Representing one major step closer to ending the high definition format war, Netflix said they will exclusively support Blu-ray rather than stock both formats. Blockbuster still offers HD-DVD titles online, but in-store high definition rentals consist of only the Blu-ray format. Combined with dwindling studio support, HD-DVD is all but dead, despite Toshiba's recent firesale .

PC Power & Cooling Interview

PC Power & Cooling founder Doug Dodson answered a variety of questions in a recent interview, some of them hardnosed, some not. Dodson still maintains that modular cables lead to " significant " voltage drop, and says it would be " careless " to use them in a PSU rated at or above 800W. Interestingly enough, OCZ's ModXStream come in both 780W and 900W flavors, though the series predates OCZ's buyout of PCP&P . Read more here .

Red Hat Interview

After former Red Hat CEO Matthew Szulik resigned last December, the company picked Jim Whitehurst, a young Delta Airlines executive, to take his place. One wouldn't naturally associate a Delta Airlines employee as a leader in open-source software, but Whitehurst's background in computer science paints a different picture. Whitehhurst also helped pull Delta out of bankruptcy, further increasing his stock in the eyes of Red Hat. IDG News Service spoke with Whitehhurst about his tech background, his views on Novell, Wall Street's expectations, and more.

Yahoo Rejects Microsoft's Offer

Dear Microsoft,
Send more money.

Yahoo didn't actually come out and say the above, but that does appear to be the message they're sending after formerly turning down Microsoft's $44.6 billion buyout offer. What Yahoo did say is that its board found Microsoft's offer " substantially undervalues " the company. Still open to a better offer, Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang assured employees the company is poised to rebound on its own and become a " must buy " in the $45 billion online advertising market. Read more here .

Videocards Get Hot

No really, and like McDonald's coffee, it might now be worth disclaiming. Enjoy, and take caution not to crush those fragile GPUs!

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