Daily News Brief: Help Team Maximum PC Win the Chimp Challenge!


Are you Folding? Join the Chimp Challenge!

Consider putting your PC's (or PlayStation 3's) unused computing cycles to good use by joining Stanford's distributed computing project, Folding@home , which seeks to find cures to various diseases. And while you're at it, help team Maximum PC win the Chimp Challenge . Swing over here for more details, and fling poo at the competition here .

Calling Microsoft's Bluff

Yahoo never wavered in their stance against Microsoft's unsolicited buyout offer and deadline ultimatum , leading many to believe a hostile takeover was imminent. Instead, Ballmer and Co. pulled their offer from the table over the weekend, saying that a hostile takeover " would make Yahoo undesirable as an acquisition for Microsoft. "

Q&A Video with R.A. Salvatore

Fantasy literature buffs will immediately recognize R.A. Salvatore as a repeated NY Times Best Selling author, and in a collaborative effort with recently expanded developer 38 Studios and comic legend Todd McFarlane, computer gamers will soon wade through one of Salvatore's worlds as he crafts the story behind an upcoming MMORPG. In the meantime, catch a video Q&A session with Salvatore here .

Electric Sports Car Finally Debuts

Few people would equate pedal-to-the-metal thrills with electric cars, but the new two-seat Tesla Roadster hopes to change that mindset. The 6,831-cell lithium-ion battery pack takes the eco-friendly car from 0-60 mph in just under four seconds and tops out at 125 mph, all without giving off any emissions. And compared to a high-end Ferrari, you can consider the fully loaded price of $124,000 a bargain! More thrills here .

Iron Man Strikes Box Office

Some executives behind the Iron Man movie feared that Grand Theft Auto IV's concurrent release would hamper the movie's opening weekend, but such fears were quickly put to rest after the final tallies rode in. Iron Man pulled $100.7 million over the weekend, making it the second highest gross for a non-sequel behind Spider-Man, and the tenth highest grossing movie of all time. This Editor also caught the flick this weekend and can offer a hearty recommendation, even if you're a physics buff .

The Rumor that Won't Die

There has been no shortage of rumors promising a Blu-ray add-on drive for the Xbox 360 console, and each time Microsoft promptly squashes the report. But despite MS's ever-ready wet blanket, the rumors won't go away, and the newest one promises a Blu-ray drive integrated into the 360 console. According to a DigiTimes report , an OEM subsidiary of Asus has secured orders from Microsoft to assemble the new console version, with shipments expected in Q3 2008. We're not holding our breath.

*Special thanks to Maximum PC forum member, folder, and personal friend Satchboy for the Chimp Challenge thumbnail image.

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