Daily News Brief: Has Kuma Been Canned?


Has Kuma Been Canned?

Chinese language site HKEPC reports AMD intends to kill off Kuma before it ever sees the light of day. Kuma was/is supposed to be AMD's new dual-core Phenom chip based on new K10 micro- architecture with a 45nm manufacturing process. But according to HKEPC , AMD is telling motherboard makers that Kuma, Phenom FX-9x, and Phenom FX-8x series (Agena) processors are being axed, all of which were scheduled to debut later this year. AMD doesn't comment on rumors or speculation, so stay tuned...

UPDATE: AMD has denied reports that it canned Kuma, calling the speculation "completely untrue."

Wal-Mart Wants to Fix Your PC

Move over Geek Squad, and make room Wal-Mart. According to a MarketWatch report , the retail chain is very interested in expanding into installation and repair services, despite a limited inventory of computers and PC parts. " We are looking at different options ," said Gary Severson, a Wal-Mart VP. Executives didn't offer any further details.

Canon Updates Entry-Level DSLR

Canon will replace its EOS Rebel XT with the newly announced EOS Rebel XS, just as the XSi has already supplanted the XTi, the company announced today. The new entry-level XS increases the XT's 1.8- inch LCD to 2.5 inches, bumps the resolution up from 8MP to 10MP, and adds a Live View feature. Photo buffs will have to wait until July for the official U.S. launch, with street pricing expected in the $630 to $740 range.

To Infinity, and Beyond

Google co-founder Sergey Brin plans to see the world from a whole new perspective - outer space, to be exact - and has dropped a $5 million deposit to ensure it happens. There are two available seats on Space Adventures' 2011 flight, the only company that sends tourists to space on Russian Soyuz rockets. Other clients have already paid up to $40 million for previous trips. More here .

Another QuickTime Update

Apple has updated its QuickTime software for the second time in two months. QuickTime 7.5 addresses several security vulnerabilities that could potentially give hackers control over a victim's PC. Four of the five fixes affect both Mac OSX and Windows Vista/XP users. See here for a full list of changes.

Verizon Triple Play

Apple isn't the only one splashing the market with a cool new phone, as Verizon Wireless today said it's expanding its LG line-up with three new models: LG Dare, LG Decoy, and LG Chocolate 3. Perhaps the most interesting of the triumvirate, the LG Dare boasts 3G V CAST capabilities, a 3.2MP still and video camera, and plenty of multimedia goodies controlled via a touch-screen interface. Get the scoop on all three models here .

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