Daily News Brief: Guitar Hero Marches to Beat of New Drum


Guitar Hero Marches to Beat of New Drum

Move over Rock Band, there's a new drum set coming to town. Neversoft's Guitar Hero IV will bring drum, vocal, and music creation support to the franchise, and might not be compatible with the Rock Band drum kits that many living room rock stars already own. The new drum set will have three drum pads, two cymbal pads, and a foot pedal, giving it a higher number of inputs and a different arrangement than the Rock Band drum set.

Teen-Speak Analyzed

Are you concerned that today's text-messaged crazed teenagers are ruining their language skills with IM speak? Perhaps you shouldn't be. According to new research from the University of Toronto, rather than bastardizing anyone's language skills, IM speak is being characterized as " an expansive new linguistic renaissance. " Researchers studied over a million words from IM chats and compared them to more than 250,000 spoken words of those between the ages of 15 and 20. In doing so, they found that IM communications leaned toward the formal side, and that teenage IMers don't abbreviate nearly as much as some might think. More here .

Atom-Based iPhone Rumor

An Intel Germany executive has reportedly confirmed that Apple plans to use Intel's low-power Atom processor in a future iPhone. Rumors of such a union have run rampant on the web, but the problem with current generation Atom processors is that they give off too much heat to be practical for use in smartphones and similar sized devices. According to the report, the Atom-based iPhone would be larger and use the reference design for a mobile internet device that Intel created for its Fall IDF.

Robot with Rhythm

ASIMO, a robot designed by Honda Motor Co., took one giant leap for robot-kind on Tuesday evening by conducting the Detroit Symphony in a performance of " The Impossible Dream " from " Man of La Mancha ." ASIMO first greeted the audience, then waved to the orchestra and mimicked the actions of a conductor, including various head and body gestures and a final bow when it was all over. Honda brought the robot to Detroit to highlight its recent $1 million gift to the orchestra for a music education fund, and to win brownie points should robots manage to take over the world and make humans their captives.

Syrian Blogger Jailed

A 24-year-old Syrian blogger has been convicted and sentenced to three years in prison on charges of undermining the prestige of the state and weaking national morale. Tarak Bayassi was arrested last May in northwest Syria for surfing sites of Syrian opposition groups and posting comments online, an offense that initially earned him a six year sentence, but was later cut down to three.

Nintendo Messed with Texas

And Texas messed back. Nintendo was ordered to pay Anascape, a small East Texas gaming company, $21 million Wednesday after being found guilty of patent infringement. The suit alleged Nintendo infringed on Anascape's patent while designing its Wii Classic, WaveBird, and Gamecube controllers, and a federal jury agreed. Nintendo said it will seek an appeal in hopes of having the award reduced " significantly ."

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