Daily News Brief: Google Announces Android OS


Google Announces Android OS

After much speculation and lots of web exposure, Google ended all rumors yesterday by announcing the Android OS , an open platform for mobile devices. Android represents the first major release of the Open Handset Alliance, a joint venture between Google and thirty-four other companies. As promised, Android will carry an open-source license. Phones based on the new OS are expected to appear in the second half of 2008.

Old Console Gets New Design

The Playstation 2 is no spring chicken in the midst of current gen consoles, but that hasn't stopped Sony from issuing another update along with an attractive price cut. In time for the New Year, a redesigned model will sport an internal power supply , while maintaining the unit's slim stature. But the real sell here is the bargain bin $99 price tag, which could make for a tempting alternative when the Nintendo Wii's stock inevitably falls short of demand.

A Plea for PC Proficient Police

Indiana state trooper Lieutenant Charles Cohen is going on tour , and it has nothing to do with karaoke. Instead, he hopes to change the way police view PCs as they relate to crimes. As it stands, most authorities simply turn over a suspect's PC to a forensics team, but results aren't reported until months later. Instead, Cohen envisions an officer doing his own digging, such as scouring MySpace profiles and staking out Second Life areas. Sounds like a movie script!

Man Charged for File Sharing ID Theft

Gregory Kopiloff, a 35-year-old male from Seattle, pleaded guilty to mail fraud, accessing a protected computer without authorization to further fraud, and aggravated identity theft. Kopiloff admitted to using file-sharing programs to gain access to victims' tax returns, credit reports, bank statements, and other sensitive information, all of which were used to obtain credit and shop online. More than 50 people fell prey to Kopiloff, allowing him to buy and resell more than $73,000 in goods. For his efforts, Gregory faces up to 20 years in prison along with a $250K fine. Ouch!

Online Popular with Adults

And they needed a poll for this? Just to make it official, a new Harris Poll found that four out of five adults go online , and of the 2,062 adults surveyed, 79 percent said they spend an average of 11 hours a week on the internet. That's up from 9 percent back in 1995 and 57 percent in 2000, giving little credence to my Aunt Tilda who holds steadfast that this whole interwebs thing is just a fad.

ESPN Inks Deal with Microsoft

No, a Vista compatible ESPN sports widget isn't in the works (or is it?), but you can expect ESPN to bring full- length games and TV shows to XBox Live . Starting this Monday, subscribers will be able to purchase NCAA college football and basketball games, World Series of Poker episodes, and other ESPN goodies. Pricing for episodes will range from $2 for standard definition to $2.40 for HD. Sports games will run $3 and $4.50 respectively.

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