Daily News Brief: G92 Based 8800GTS Looks Promising


G92 Based 8800GTS Impresses

TweakTown managed to get their paws on a new 8800GTS based on the same G92 graphics core as the recently released 8800GT. The new version drops down from a 320-bit interface to 256-bit, but ramps up clockspeeds to 650MHz/1940MHz (up from 500MHz/1600MHz on the original), and strikes a balance with 512MB GDDR3 memory. Initial benchmarks show the new version to be a stud.

OLPC Accused of Patent Infringement

The tech lawsuits keep coming, and this time, Lagos Analysis Corp. (LANCOR) is accusing the One Laptop Per Child project of patent infringement. LANCOR filed suit on November 22nd claiming that OLPC reverse engineered their keyboard driver source codes, and will seek damages and a permanent injunction. An OLPC spokeswoman says they have yet to be served any legal documents regarding the claims.

Cyber Thieves Throw Pennies at Wikimedia

A band of cyber thieves armed with stolen credit card numbers used Wikimedia (Wikipedia's parent organization) to test the validity of the cards by sending in a rash of 1-cent ' donations '. After seeing hundreds of donations come pouring in over a short period of time, Wikimedia increased the minimum donation amount to one dollar to thwart ongoing fraud. All donations are made through Paypal, who had no comment on the situation because of privacy concerns.

McAfee Warns of Cyber Crime and National Security

In their annual Virtual Criminology Report , McAfee estimates that 120 countries are using the internet for political, military, and economic espionage activies, and that the threats have grown from individual attacks to well funded and organized operations. Amid a political dispute, Several Estonian national web sites fell victim to massive DoS attacks earlier this year, which McAfee warned was " just the tip of the iceberg. "

Tri-Core Launch After Holidays

DigiTimes reports that AMD plans to launch their tri-core processors in February, along with two new dual-core CPUs by the end of the second quarter. The tri-core 7700 and 7600 will ship at 2.5GHz and 2.3GHz and carry a TDP of just 89W. Look for the dual-core 6250 and 6050 to consume even less power, sipping 65W, though no clockspeed information has been released yet.

California School Orders 1,000 Eee PCs

Students in the Fresno Unified school district will soon join the digital age full force, as school officials bought 1,000 Asus Eee PCs . School officials wanted a wireless notebook that could fit on a desk next to textbooks, and the low cost Eee PC fit the bill , in more ways than one. Or does it? The new laptops will scatter through 60 classrooms in 16 schools, but some are contending that the $650,000 investment would have been better served fixing existing PCs. Students, naturally, are excited over the purchase.

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