Daily News Brief: File for Divorce Online!

Paul Lilly

File for Divorce Online

Florida residents can now file for divorce online through a new site launched by the Broward County Clerk of Courts. The service is intended to help those unable to pay for an attorney, and to prevent extra trips downtown. Afterwards, exes can hop over to MySpace, find their new love, and go have a virutal wedding.

DirectX 10.1? Meh

AMD's upcoming RV670 will feature DirectX 10.1 support, an API layer expected to roll out with Vista's first Service Pack. When pinged about the significance , Microsoft's Kevin Unanst said " DX10.1 is an incremental update that won’t affect any games or gamers in the near future. " Crytek's CEO Cevat Yerli was equally apathetic, stating " there's just nothing in it important enough to make it needed. " So if you just purchased a DX10 videocard, hold back the tears of obsolescence, you're still on top of the technological curve.

DivX Diving into Consoles

DivX announced their codec will soon make its way to the Playstation 3 console, as some surmised with the rollout of the PS3's 2.0 firmware. Full support will come via a future update. XBox 360 owners may also soon jump on the DivX bandwagon, as DivX CEO Kevin Hall left the door open stating that it's currently in the negotiation process.

Vending Machine Guesses Age

A new cigarette vending machine went on sale in Japan, and to prevent minors from picking up their parents' nasty habit, the machine can determine a potential buyer's approximate age. A facial recognition camera analyzes bone structure, wrinkles, and saggy skin, all within about three seconds. If it's not satisfied with the test subject, the buyer must then insert a driver's license.

EU Threatens to Close Airline Websites

After an investigation uncovering misleading advertising and unfair airline ticket selling practices, the EU said enough is enough. Consumer Protection Commissioner Maglena Kuneva issued a warning that they will be " shut down if they do not improve ," and said infringement proceedings could also be necessary. At the heart of the issue sits unfair pricing, hidden charges, and terms and conditions not translated properly.

Face Recognition Coming to Digital Cameras

Digital cameras already auto-focus the person whose picture is being taken, but Fotonation wants to take face recognition even further. They're working on software that can train a camera to recognize the same person after being photographed multiple times, and then autotag them afterwards. Such a method would bypass the processing power needed for face recognition, which would be difficult to fit into a handheld camera.

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