Daily News Brief: External Graphics for Your Notebook!


Asus Launches External Graphics Box

In what we're hoping will become a trend in the notebook arena, Asus on Monday announced the launch of its ROG XG Station , an external box featuring a GeForce 8600GT 256MB graphics card, two USB ports, TV output, DVI-I output, and VGA output via an adapter. The docking station connects via an Express Card connector, and comes with a display indicating the temperature, GPU frequency, and fan speed, the latter two of which can be adjusted with a dial. More here .

Control Your Games with a Pickle!

Or any other object. Cam-Trax has on display one of the niftiest controller schemes we've ever seen, using motion tracking software and a webcam. The video by itself would be full of win, but is made even better with the Beastie Boys belting out Intergalactic as various gaming scenarios and objects are put on display. Here's hoping this one comes to fruition.

Intel Delays Centrino 2

Intel is pushing back the release of its new Centrino 2 mobile platform after the chip maker found undisclosed problems with the platform's integrated graphics, as well as running into FCC certification snags to use 802.11n wireless standards, eWeek reports . Originally scheduled for a late June release, Intel will release some new chipsets on July 14, with the complete lineup scheduled to debut in early August. That's good news for AMD, who is expected to launch its Puma platform in early June.

Hey Look Canada, Zunes are Cool!

Unfazed by GameStop's decision to stop selling the Zune, Microsoft is finally taking its media player to the Canadian market, but with a twist . To go along with its new market, the Zune will sport a new look with seven designs by six Canadian artists. And best of all, the laser engravings will be offered free for three months starting June 13. Grab your moose bucks and head over to www.zuneoriginals.ca .

RIAA Drops Copyright Suit

AllofMP3.com no longer has to defend themselves against a $1.65 trillion lawsuit amid allegations of copyright infringement, but the RIAA can still claim victory. " The site is now defunct and out of business, the result of a successful anti-piracy initiative ," Jonathan Lamy, a spokesman for the trade group, said. The suit alleged that AllofMP3.com made $30 million a year by directing internet user to music files available for download, without compensating the record labels. Much more here .

Houston Has a Big, Stinky Problem

When your toilet breaks and you're unable to fix it yourself, just call a plumber. But what if you're part of a crew working on the international space station only to discover that the lone toilet isn't working ? We can fathom what a service call to outer space would run...

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