Daily News Brief: Crysis Demo Dishes Out Punishment


Crysis Demo Makes PCs Cry

Initially slated for a September 25 release only to be pushed back a month, eager gamers can now download the demanding Crysis demo . The whopping 1.77GB file packs the whole first level along with the CryEngine 2 - Sandbox 2 game editor. But take note; to play Crysis in all its visual splendor, you'll need a monster of a system.

HD-DVD: Don't Delay, Buy Today!

Can't wait till November 3rd to jump on the sub $200 HD-DVD bandwagon that Wal-Mart's rumored to carry ? Good news, you don't have to! Circuit City's carrying the Toshiba HD-A2 HD-DVD player for $197.99, and it's available right now. And to sweeten the pot, you can choose 5 free movies by mail from a pre-selected list. Happy holidays.

NVidia 8800GT Update

Last week 8800GT photos and benchmarks were leaked on the web, and today nVidia officially launches the new card . Built around the 45nm G92 processor, the 8800GT takes up but a single slot and carries a 105W power draw, nearly 80W less than the G80 based 8800GTX. With performance expected to fall just shy of the GTX and above the GTS (Michael Brown has the comparison against AMD/ATI's 2900 XT ), the $199 to $249 price range should prove to be a hit.

AMD/ATI RV670 update

The new graphics line didn't make its debut yet, but soon will, and according to the Register , consider November 19th as a confirmed launch date. Previous reports cited 'mid November' but AMD/ATI has kept mum on a specific date. Still unknown is how the new cards will be branded, with speculation pointing towards Radeon HD 2950 Pro .

Intel QX9650 Surfaces

You still have to wait until November 12 to pick up a 45nm Penryn, but you don't need a crystal ball to see how it will perform. Instead, anxious upgraders can peruse the web and be hit with a bevy of sites showing off benchmarks of the upcoming Core 2 Extreme QX9650. The Yorkfield (desktop quad-core Penryns) part will ship at 3.0GHz, just like the QX6850, and cruise along on a 1333MHz frontside bus. For a more in-depth look with performance numbers and overclocking results, take a jaunt over to Anandtech , XBitLabs , ExtremeTech , or any other handful of sites that managed to get their paws on the new chip.

Internet Revenge Plot Backfires

Feeling scorned by an ex? Write it in a diary, treat yourself to a barrel of ice cream, take a singles night out on the town, but don't plot your revenge on the internet, lest you find yourself in hot water like Pilar Stofega. The 34-year-old ex-girlfriend sought to break up the marriage between a former boyfriend (they last dated in 1999) and his new wife, using the internet as an accomplice . Pilar created bogus profiles of the new wife, complete with home and work phone numbers, and posted them on several adult web sites. Pilar now faces charges of second-degree harassment and breach of peace. Whatever happened to just keying your ex's car?

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