Daily News Brief: Creative Publicly Denounces Modder & Sparks Internet Backlash


Creative Publicly Chastises Modder

Modder Daniel_K recently drew the ire of Creative Labs, and he did so by writing soundcard drivers that many considered superior to Creative's own offerings. X-Fi and Audigy owners have long complained about Vista support, and Daniel_K's modified drivers addressed a number of common complaints. But Daniel_K also infringed upon Creative's intellectual property, " in effect, stealing our goods, " said Phil O'Shaughness, VP Corporate Communications for Creative Labs Inc. in a public forum post . He went on tell Daniel_K to " cease all further unauthorized distribution of our technology and IP, ," sparking 135 167 180 195 pages (and counting) of angry responses, negative internet attention , and at least one vendor willing to boycott the company's products . Hindsight anyone?

Vista Pretty in Pink

Mixing red with white will give you pink, and bundling Vista Home Premium with Windows Live OneCare will give you a pink box if you live in Japan. Could this be what CEO Steve Ballmer meant when he said " We're going to have to invest more than we ever have in consumer excitement. We're going to do more to highlight Windows. "? Makes sense, as our first complaint with Vista has always been the color of the box. Wait, what?

TorrentSpy Closes Down

Another BitTorrent site fell by the wayside, this time on a semi-voluntary basis. In a message posted on all that's left of their website, TorrentSpy wrote they have " spent the last two years, and hundreds of thousands of dollars, defending the rights of our users and ourselves. " TorrentSpy recently lost a two-year court battle with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), ultimately adding to the decision to close down and joining several other now-defunct BitTorrent sites.

Linux Survives Pwn to Own Contest

A MacBook Air was the first to get bludgeoned in CanSecWest's Pwn to Own contest last week, and when the dust settled, only the Linux based notebook emerged unscathed . On the third and final day of the challenge, Shane Macaulay from Security Objectives exploited an Adobe Flash zero-day vulnerability, winning both the Vista notebook and a $5000 cash prize for his efforts. According to TippingPoint, several attendees did find bugs in the Linux OS, but most shied away from the work required to develop the exploited code.

R.I.P. Internet?

Mark Cuban, former avid blogger and current billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, declared the internet dead . And boring. The comments came during the CTAM Summit's closing session , in which he proclaimed " The Internet's for old people ," contradicting statements he made a decade ago that in ten year's time, the internet would have the necessary bandwidth to make it a superior portal for video programming. Translated for our NBA fan-based readership, Cuban is essentially saying the internet is as dead as the Dallas Mavericks chances of making the playoffs, and just as boring to watch with Dirk Nowitzky sidelined for the season. ZING!

Wii News

  • Could the Nintendo Wii shortage soon be a thing of the past? According to analyst Michael Pacter at Wedbush Morgan, the answer depends on the strength of the dollar. Pacter argues a weak dollar in the U.S. caused Nintendo to ship excess Wiis to Europe where the console maker could take in a bigger profit. With demand in Europe subsiding, Pacter sees the Wii becoming more plentiful stateside later this year.
  • Thanks to engineers David Bruemmer and Douglas Few, disarming bombs may have gotten a Wii bit easier. Seeking to improve control of the bomb- disarming Packbot, the engineering duo came up with a way to control the military robot with a Wii remote, which they claim offers much better control than the joypad typically used. Read more of what they've been up to here .

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